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Heaven and Hell

This was an amazing trip which took place last night.

This was an amazing trip which took place last night. I'm writing this now because everything is fresh on my mind. I ate an eight of mexican cubensis, is a newly discovered choice method of ingestion. I ground them up in a food processor and then poured them into a glass and filled it up with orange juice. It totally masked the taste, and it was just like drinking orange flavored metamucil. So to my surprise i was feeling effects within 10 minutes. This is the quickest onset ever for me, so I knew I was in for a journey. What I learned on this trip was a great deal about the complexities of the mind, and the power of the shroom. Within an hour I was having massive hallucenations, and quickly felt very ill. I thought my body was breaking down, and I thought I should go to the hospital. BUt I quickly realized that the shrooms were showing me much of the darkness which lies in me. It was being shown to me in such a manner that I couldn't control my thoughts. I realized that there was too much darkness inside of me, and the shrooms had uncovered it. I quickly felt like I was spiriling out of control, towards a nebulous abyss. Soon I just let myself go, and submit totally to the fungi. This I've determined is of utmost importance, if you do not submit fully to the shroom, you will never have a tremendous experience. But submitting to this great unknown takes a lot of fortitude. Finally I mustered enough, and felt the shroom slowly lifting me out of my abyss. as I ascended with my spiritual vehicle, I began to get a sense of euphoria - that this magic mushroom would not leave me in the depths of existence. So on a magic carpet I was taken far above the world, and went to places in my mind that made me feel more happy than I'd ever been. I began to get a glimpse into the other world that exists outside of this day to day life where everything is as everything seems. BUt everything is nothing. I realized that shrooms are a religious sacrement. Unlike churches, and temples, the mushroom communicates without words, it takes you places religion can't. Catholics cannot see god's kingdom, nor can muslims every find their holy place, but shrooms takes you to its mecca. Somehow this fungus was placed on this earth to show those brave enough to accept it journey, the many things in their lives which they are unaware of, and that life is a journey of discovery. The more one can discover in their time on earth, the better they will be to lead out a spiritual, and knowledgeable existence. I am humbled to the powers of the magic mushroom, it is my partner, soul-mate in an epic trip of uncovering life. I thank you for reading...and remember honor the psychedlic fungus, and appreciate the immense power it beholds. Happy Shrooming!

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