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Death Fingers

My trip to the infinite nothingness of oblivion began when i came home from school and got the shrooms out of my homemade dryer.

My trip to the infinite nothingness of oblivion began when i came home from school and got the shrooms out of my homemade dryer.
(i think they're better that way!!)
well the trip went bad from the start i felt nothing so i just went to sleep (big mistake!!)
well i came to after what seemed like hours really only about twenty minutes!
well there was a glow from a light around the wall that seemed very out of place,
well i just stared at it cause it just caught all of my attention i must of stared at it for about an hour, then i dont really remember anything for an unknown time.
well i came to the second time the shit hit the fan!! the light had creeped around the wall and started to take the shape of very sharp fingers, almost like freddy crugers,
well they began to move in a very disturbing manner, now i dont get scared of many things but this shit was freaky!! they began to come towards me and i just felt that they wanted to get me and just slice me up in little peices.
well i just stayed in the corner of my bed and watched them get closer and closer,
until i couldnt take it anymore and i got up and made my way towards the door
and i finnaly got there knowing that the fingers would get me i had to watch my
back. well i finnaly made it outside my room and i went and got something to drink
from the fridge ,but nothing seemed right!
well needless to say i went back to my room but the fingers were no longer!
well i started to stare at the tv and the whole room dissapered all i could see was the tv ! well by this time i was freakin out of my mind! i said fuck this and started starin at the tv with intense consentration! and the room came back into view
that made me think if i could brin the room back into vieww then i could stop my bad trip from getting worse well the whole time there was no sound on the tv but i knew that the volume was up so i intensified my consentration and poof the tv had sound!
well i was feeling a little better now but i stil felt bad about something so i said fuck it and began consentrating, and after a long tediouse time i was out of my trip!!
thank god!! now i think most of the trip is in your mind and that you want it to happen!! so i just started to realise that you can control what you do when you are trippin!!

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