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TV Attacks... (long)

Sad, but so, this isn't MY trip, but I did experience it WITH a friend, so that must count for something.

Sad, but so, this isn't MY trip, but I did experience it WITH a friend, so that must count for something. It was about a year ago, when I knew nothing about shrooms or what they did. My best friend (let's call her Corona.. heh) was really into the whole 'groover chick' thing and was always off at rave parties. She invited me many times, but I was too afraid to go, being embarrassed by my lack of knowledge in the drug department. Welp, one time she finally coaxed me into going with her to a small kickback type of thing. There was a small bunch of teens there. Big whoop. Back then, I would've enjoyed a birthday party more. But out came the drugs (along with the tru fun, Corona told me)and soon everyone (but me) was trippin' over God knows what. Lil Lucky me was appointed as a "supervisor" and was told to spray someone with the hose if anything major went down.
I don't know what everyone else was on, but I know my friend was munchin' on shrooms and only shrooms cuz she was always too afraid that the "good Lord" would send her to hell if she was taking anything else that wasn't natural (come to think of it, weed could've been considered natural... or close enough.. hmm..). Anyway, I just kinda sat back and watched Booty Call on Comedy Central. An hour had probably passed since my friends 'dosed' (I never know these things... I have the worst attention span) and everyone was kinda freakin' out. Corona was just sitting there quietly, staring at the TV. If you could only see her eyes... kinda a cross from seeing a ghost and the most gorgeous naked man (or woman?) on Earth. I tapped her a few times and she slowly turned her head to me. She opened her mouth and a few jumbled words came out... something about babies and n**gas... and looked back at the screen. I gave her the weirdest look and continued watching the end of Booty Call. Not even seconds later, she let out a blood curdling scream and grabbed my arm. "IT'S COMING FOR ME... OH GOD HELP ME..." And before I could get the hose, she grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me back onto the couch. That's when she started to scare me. She grabbed my brand new shoe and threw it at the TV with so much speed and power that she broke the screen. Smoke and sparks flew (which only made everyone else's trip even scarier). They all stared at the TV for a few moments. I didn't know what to do. They were too calm... I grabbed the hose and sprayed them all. Mistake. They looked as if they were gonna kill me, I swear. I pointed to the ceiling and yelled "Look!" For an hour and a half, everyone just stared at the ceiling, complimenting on the "great computer animation" and the "purty colors".

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