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Dreamy schizo Trip!

This was one of the best trips of my life.

This was one of the best trips of my life. And the worst.
i took about 20 P.cubenis 9 big, 11 small, and the trip started out pretty good. For instance, i would look at a towel laying on my floor. it looked as though the whole floor was water, and it was constantly moving. the towel was staying perfectly still. anyway, after i laughed at my floor and called it "very funny" i layed on the floor and stared at the ceiling. After two minutes <4 hours in trip time> i saw a battle scene with space ships moving around later i got bored and i went outside. then for some unknown reason, i got very angry and started marching aroung my house in circles. i went in my living room and went to sleep. i saw my mom and i told her to come over to where i was. i then called her a fucking bitch, and she slapped me for it. it didn't hurt at all, and i said sorry and lauhed my head off. i then told her what i was on and she slapped me again. I was laughing like crazy.I then blaked out. i woke up the next day, not remembering most of the trip. but i looked in the mirror and i thouht i was somebody else cause i looked different! that is one my unforgettable trips on shrooms!

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