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Airplane Trip

While in Mexico on a two-week vacation I was introduced to a new drug that I have heard lots about.

While in Mexico on a two-week vacation I was introduced to a new drug that I have heard lots about. I decided to give it try on the plane ride home back to New York. I arrived at the airport about 2 hours early to ensure that I would on time. I was given about an ounce of dried out mushrooms. I pulled them out of my suitcase in the waiting gate area. I had about 32 ounce of Pepsi and started to pop one cap after another. They tasted like crap, but I ate them any ways. I must have eaten about 12 or 15. Before I ate them I was sure to find somebody that was on the same plain so I could just follow them if I was really messed up. I must have been reading the newspaper for about 35 minutes before I started to feel tingly all over my body. Shortly after that time ceased to exist, I was having full blown hallucination. I was feeling pretty scared to take them before hand and I think that may have set my mood. I remember one time that I tried to see what time it was the numbers where not there anymore. I believe it might have been stick figures walking and playing with each other. I started to panic because I was sure that I missed my plain and attempted to walk to some Mexican person in a uniform, to ask them if the New York plain has boarded yet. I can’t remember what they said, but I do remember that person start laughing and pointing at me. I quickly walked away pretty fast. I then just to go sit back down next to my luggage, but I could not find them. I thought I had a stroke because all my tickets and ID’s are in there. I couldn’t even see straight. I was sure the floor was flooded with water.

I walked as good as I could and sat down at the next available seat. There was an old man and a 5 maybe 6 year old girl sitting next to me. The little girl was playing with a doll and telling it she was going to kill her. I was petrified, I looked away and decide to concentrate on the airplanes taking off. I don’t know why but the next thing that I remember is hearing my name being called out “ Last boarding call for John Doe, John Doe Please come to Gate X” I got up what seem really slow and jerky like. I walked up to some booth and showed them my ticket and pointed me in the right direction. The one lady must have been speaking Spanish because it sounded like she was an Indian. She also seems never to blink and stare right in my eyes.

I boarded the plain and just walked to the first available seat in coach. I had only one choice, a window seat next to the jet engine. I walked really fast over there and showed them my ticket and they got up. I was having very strange visuals of everything. I sat down and waited for what seemed like what seemed forever. I was now tripping harder then ever.

I started to really freak out and must have been sweating so much. The engines started to blast and made the most awful screeching sound I knew the plain was going to blow up. During the middle of take off my skin felt like it was melting off my bones onto the seats. I looked out the window and immediately knew I was going to throw up. This hold time this old lady next to me is asking me questions about me, I thought she knew I was on drugs. I just tried to ignore her, and grabbed the little barf bag. I threw up so much, I had ate a big Mexican meal before I went to the airport. It was so awful everyone was laughing and pointing. I started to go numb and thought I was having a stroke, and I just blacked out.

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