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10 Gram Overdose

Before i start with this, i must say that this report in no way does justice to the trip i experienced last night.

Before i start with this, i must say that this report in no
way does justice to the trip i experienced last night. No
words can describe what i felt in my mind voyage...

My friends Joe and Tak, and I have all shroomed many times.
Although we have definatly tripped out pretty hard, the
most shrooms any of us had ever taken were 5 grams. This
time, we wanted to flip our wigs, so we decided we'd grub
down on 10 grams of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. These
shrooms are grown in our town, and are recognized as some of
the most potent shrooms our town has to offer. All of our
friends were telling us not to take this many shrooms, as
more than one of our friends have totally flipped out on
shrooms and will not touch the sacred fungus again. We told
all of them that we were gonna grub them and no one could
stop us. We did however make plans for people to come over
to check on us through the night to make sure we were all
okay. Remember, there were only 3 of us, me, Joe, and Tak,
and all 3 of us were taking 10 grams. It took us at least
15 minutes to chow all the shrooms, as we all know they
taste like total shit. We had to throw a few caps and stems
in our mouths and chew a bit, then swig a huge sip of
sprite. Finally, all of us had ingested our 10 grams! I
felt like total shit, my stomach was way pissed at me, i
suspected that i might throw up during the night, but i
managed to keep the fungi in my belly through the entire
duration of the trip. Anyway, Tak started tripping the
second he slurped down the last of his shrooms. Our friend
Tak is very sensitive to psychedelics (lucky bastard ;) ),
and they grab ahold of him very quickly and powerfully.
Anyway, i was feeling sick in my stomach, so i was laying on
Joe's waterbed. Joe was starting to feel the body high, and
starting to get visuals. My onset took about an hour to
come in, compared to Tak's 10 minute wait and joe's 30 min
wait. Anyway, Joe was starting to worry, you know the usual
high dose worries, the "i'm scared" or "what have we done".
Another thing that made us all worry was that Joe's mom was
unusually late (she usually goes to sleep around 9 PM, it
was already 11 and she wasn't home). So the fact that we
were shrooming balls and freaking out about joe's mom was
making us seriously wig. Anyway, i was fully blown
shrooming now, visuals were amazing, i saw my friends faces
melt and twist, i'd never gotten visuals like that before,
usually people look pretty normal to me, just pictures and
television looks warped. This time both Joe's and Tak's
faces were twisting and melting, swirling, it was intense.
Finally, Joe's mom came home, and that took a huge load of
our chests...now we could kick back and enjoy the trip. 10
grams of shrooms had made us all pretty weak, the body high
tore through us like a runaway train. I could barely keep
my eyes open, much less move around. Closed eye visuals
were amazing. My brain just kept on making up images, not
the usual color patterns that most people see when they
close their eyes. I had three dimensional visions, i can't
even describe what i saw, some of it was scary, some of it
was beautiful, and some of it was just plain fucking weird!
Anyway, there is a big part of this story that i am leaving
out, and that is the spirtual side of this story. All three
of us are like brothers, and have been for a long time.
I've known these guys forever. This experience, after the
unbearably tough onset and coming up phases, was the most
beautiful thing i have every experienced in my life. I
can't describe what happended last night regarding this part
of the trip. But I can tell you that i will never forget
it. I feel closer to Joe and Tak than ever before, we are a
solid bunch of friends. Anyway, I do believe that we
overdosed last night. i felt a little schizo during some
parts of the trip, for about 2 hours i thought i was having
a bad trip, and then i just settled into the shroom vibe.
10 grams is a lot of mushrooms, especially if they are
potent like these ones. However, since i've done 10 grams
now, i feel that the average shroom trip for me from now on
will be about 4 or 5 grams. Occasionally i might go for the
6-7 gram trip, and very occasionally the 10-15 gram trip.
The local record here is 14 grams dried Psilocybe cubensis ...my
goal is 15 before the summer. I love the sacred fungus, my
body feels clean and pure now, along with my soul and
spirit, acid always makes me feel dirty afterwards, but
shrooms, oh how i love them!


Oh yeah, my friend Joe posted a trip report also, about his
first trip, you should definatly check that out too...check
it out in the Level 3 new reports section, it's called "Trip
to the Mall" or something similar to that!

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