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myself, ryan,ryan,brad and james gather one evening downtown to trip.

myself, ryan,ryan,brad and james gather one evening downtown to trip. we had 28 grams of mush a 26 of tequilla an 1/8th of home grown and a vial of dank oil.we headed to a park at the edge of the hill we sat. we passed the tequilla and james handed out the shrooms. we started with 4 grams each then we smoked several oil joints. we stood up and realised how fucked we were. the world was pulsing and throbing befor us. looking down the hill evry thing looked cartoonlike. the sky just went on for ever. i started to see faces and swirls in the ground and the sky seemed to be a strange shad of purple. i had to sit and take hold of things . to tell myself that i was just tripping it would eventually end and i should enjoy my trip. after this thigs started to look happy and i felt better as we walked to the river i saw so many cool things it was a never ending movie. visuals came from everywhere and they were all diferent. sometimes bankets of constantly changing patterns covered everything. then somethig happened and the only way i can describe it. its like those hidden picture computer images where if zone out you see a hidden imedge. there was no lack of spece out now and this anomaly appeared everywhere it was truly amazing to behold. we finally got to the river and finished of th mush total we each had about 5.6 grames each. we smoked more joints. then stripped and swam in the river . it was so beautiful and unreal . it was like the best felling of my life freeing i felt washed free of all my burdens and hassles of life . FINALLY FREE I WAS SO HAPPY. once out of the water i started to peak and we all lost all conection of reality.there we were 5 souls swimming forever in hyperspace. yet somehow we were joined we could sence each others energy we started having weird experiances from each others lifes. this part semmed incredable real. we litterally walked in each others shoes . amazing.
after tat it started to get dark so we started a fire .we sat smoked more joints and talked about what happened . inevr felt closer to people in my whole life . this was almost the pinnacle of my psycadelic experiances to date. we sat tranced out by the fire . i was betting massive cev's and oev's lovely alein landscapes languige being and inventoins for the greater good . i saw heaven in all its glory and wanted to work to get their. we sat on some rocks by the beach and i wandered of to take a piss. everything was different i saw very realistic objects just floatin in the air and along to ground strange things however that didnt make sence i could actually touch them and describe there texter. but the texture wouldnt match the object some were slimy some rough some soft and warm and some breathed and made me feel uncomfortable. I pissed and returned to my freinds. eventually we slowly came down . the best and most fun shroom trip ever. we spent the rest of the evening sitting arond the fire smoking joints and oil listening to the night , the river and the beauty of nature. as well as talking about philosophy, religion, science, space the futer the past and love .we finished the last of the weed as a glorious sun rise peeked over the cliffs. so we walked home and feel asleep . PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL.

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