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Fourth Trip

So last night, after much anticipation I tripped for my fourth time, but it was weird.

So last night, after much anticipation I tripped for my fourth time, but it was weird..I think 20 bags won't put me on my ass like they used to, but I was pretty screwed up.
Well, it started around 3:30 when I got to my buddies house, me, J, B, K, and N were going to trip that day. So we all chow em down and start walking down the road to his grandma's then down a forest path to their pond, where we started a fire and played some hack, which i've found to be one of thee coolest games ever tripping.
So they start feeling effects, and I don't, but thats cool b/c it always takes me longer, so we're playing hack and chilling and his grandfather comes down! and I'm like oh shit, they're already starting, so i talked to him mostly and he chilled for a little while more then he left, so we all sat by the fire, its been abut 45 min. since we ate them by now and as soon as his grandpa goes up the hill, we all start feeling it..hard.
For me, it was a wicked rush, everything felt really weird and akward, i got kinda nervous I would bad trip but I just kept myself calm and chatted like nothing was going on...not a whole lot of visuals, some warps, LOTS of tracers, lots of colors, everything was pretty slow motion, I was on my ass for that 30 min. of tripping hard, then it kinda calmed down and mellowed out.
We decided then to do another game of hack, and we played with this rainbow sack that was giving me tracers like woah, it looked so cool and it was like kicking a rainbow around, but yeah. Then my buddy, J, it was his first time, decides he wants to run through the forest like an indian, and me knowing that sometimes first timers get outta hand, I made K come with me and we kept an eye on him.
Me and K just talked about anything and everything in the woods, there were leaves all over the ground, it was kinda dark and a nice cool feeling after being by the hot fire, so we finally make it out on the other side, and then he wants to go again, so this time we all go, and B and J hide around like indians as me, T, and K walk through the woods and try scaring us and shit, but for some reason I wasn't really tripping very hard, I felt a bit woosily but thats it.
So we all get back to the fire again, we're chilling out and everyones thirsty and theres a Hannaford down the road by J's house, so me, J and K decide to walk through the woods, a huge ass detour, to hannaford, and when we do, it was thee coolest experience while tripping, even though it wasn't hard visuals and shit, we were just in nature experiencing the peace and solitude it had to offer, and we had to run through a corn field, like one that HASN'T been chopped, so that was kinda weird like the corn were grabbing at me and the guys and the leaves were different colors and shit, and I whiped my nose and saw a big purple spot of liquid and thought it was my blood but it was a berry.
So we finally make it to hannaford, we're all sweaty and shit but feeling good, and walking on pavement after running through a forest felt really cool on my legs, we go in hannaford, and go to the aisle with all the gatorade in it, and it was like a rainbow of colors of juices, so we grab em, and pay, but the weird thing was it seemed like EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the store were staring at us, but i didn't care, life was good.
We get back to the pond, probably an hour or so gone total, and our buddy N tells us he got 2 18 packs of beer, 1 heineken and 1 labatt blue, yummy, so by now its pitch dark and since its dark im getting really cool patterns and colors when we're walking back, it was pretty sweet, we get back to J's house, and we start drinking, by then it had worn off, so I drank 11 beers from 9-11 and I was so plastered.
Anyways, it was weird that they lasted for such a short time, and also weird b/c I didn't trip too hard but I know my friends did, hmm. Oh well, I don't really like hard trips sometimes, it pays to just be mellowed out and see colors than be on your ass freaking over something thats not even there.
Definitly worth it.

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