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1st Trip - "Layers"?

This article is about my first experience with shrooms, and the experience I can only describe as “Layers”.

This article is about my first experience with shrooms, and the experience I can only describe as “Layers”. My first experience took place in about the middle of August when I was 20 years old. I was fairly new to the drug scene and had only been smoking weed for about 7 months. It took place on a Saturday, a sunny beautiful day – warm and carefree. my friends and I decided to start the trip around 3pm, so I would be ok to drive home by about 10 or 11pm. After ingesting about five stems and seven caps of the awful tasting shrooms on bread we smoked a little green out of their 3 foot glass graphix bong (seriously the best in stoner gear), and started watching “The Wall” (isn’t Pink Floyd THE BEST???). After about 30 – 40 minutes I started shaking almost uncontrollably, I felt like it was 30 degrees outside, when in fact it was more like 95, hell even my teeth were chattering. I was also laughing uncontrollably at the stupidest things, like if someone just got up and walked across the room, I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. My friends told me to be prepared, because in about 10 minutes reality was going bye-bye. The next thing I knew my head was drooping down, my eyes were closing, and time was ceasing to exist. I didn’t see anything visually, but felt REALLY good. I was kind of “vibrating mentally”, that is, my mind was humming and my body was warm and completely relaxed, like I had just received a professional massage. Next thing I know, my friends are up and walking around the room, looking at the newts and playing music (little did I know the movie had ended quite a while ago). They were telling me to come outside with them, which I was in no condition to do, considering I was not about to be anywhere non-trippers were, and I had no desire what-so-ever to stop doing whatever the hell I happened to be doing right at that moment in time. So, I closed my eyes, put my head back and then it REALLY started hitting me, and when I experienced the “Layers”. The music had stopped playing, and I was all alone (not that I minded), and with my eyes closed I began to concentrate on what I was composed of. I began to look at myself (spiritually and mentally –not physically) with extreme scrutiny. While I realized things about me that were less than perfect, I was overcome at the same time with the knowledge that we are merely mortals, composed of elements from nature, and that nature would one day reclaim my physical elements. Whether or not my spirit would live on should not be a worry, just another reason to be good to my fellow man. It became clear to me that I was truly experiencing one of the greatest things on earth, that being the state of egolessness. I had no hate, but not really love either, just clear and untainted understanding. At this point I realized physically that I was smiling more than I ever had before, and I felt nothing but peace and goodness emanating from and surrounding me. This state of consciousness lasted for about an hour or so, at which point my friends returned and ordered pizza. They turned on some tunes and got me to smoke some green (their trip was about done). I smoked a little and then it was back to drifting off in my own little world. My friends told me to just enjoy it, and said they envied me and started another movie (“Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl” I think). Now I began the second part of my “Layers” experience. Starting from the core of my bones, radiating outward slowly in layers I began to actually single out and “feel” as though I was composed of only the layer I was currently concentrating on, that is to say I did not “feel” the layers I had not yet experienced. To explain a little more (this is awfully hard to explain – much better you try and experience yourself), I started to “feel” my skeletal structure only. As though I only consisted of my bones and my mind’s essence. From there I became nothing but my muscles and bones as well as my mind’s essence. And then onto my blood (I could actually feel it coursing through my veins) and organs (non-neuron), next onto my skin (each of the 3 layers separately), and ending with my neuro-system (brain and spinal cord). Each layer lasted for about 5 minutes, and when I was done I could move backward and forward through the layers of my own free will. This part of the trip was over all too quickly, and can honestly say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I remember smiling when I began to come out of the trip, because I realized no matter what happened to me in the rest of my life I would never forget this. We smoked a little more green, and then it was time to go home, I was tired but sober and happy. As for the next day, I felt great the following morning, and didn’t even mind going to my crappy job. That day at work I had to spend about an hour on top of a roof fixing some gutters, and that would normally freak me out due to my extreme fear of heights. But that day, I was completely comfortable working right next to the edge of the roof (too bad it only lasted one day). I also was lucky enough to work half of the day around a house that had about 6 large trees with pink flowers on it, that happen to be slowly losing their petals in the gentle warm summer breeze. It was as if it was raining pink flower petals. Well, that about sums up my first trip. Notice that I had no “hallucinations”, nor have I ever for that matter. I’m not saying that other people don’t, but I personally have found people that claim to have “hallucinations” and other extremely strange experiences to be liars, that are just looking to “out do” the other guy. That being said, I hope you to can experience this sort of “Layers” trip, I know I did. Take it easy, all things in moderation, and enjoy life!

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