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At the Movies!!!!!

Well here I was waiting at the movie theater for my friend which had the mushrooms and thinking about how fun it was gonna be.

Well here I was waiting at the movie theater for my friend which had the mushrooms and thinking about how fun it was gonna be. This was going to be my 3rd time shrooming and compared to the other trips this was going to be a TRIP!!!
My friend John finally came and we got in and he showed me the mush in the bathroom. We had about 8grams each and they were mostly stems. We ate em' there and washed them back with some of john's coke.
The movie which was "Scary movie" was supposed to be funnie and i was thinking about it and me laughing my ass off. We bought the tickets got some food and candies and walked to the movies. I was Really not feeling any effects yet until we sad down in the dark crowded movie theater. John who said he did not feel anything earlier was now slighly feeling stoned. The movie previews came on and I checked the time: it was 30 min after we munched. So I pondered away with a stoned feeling and thought well this going to be fun eh? Siting here in the movie place and...........I was interuppted by John who started laughing really loud and so hard where he looked as if he was crying. I looked to the screen watched a preview of a movie and started laugh as well. By now we both had that giddey feeling and were both starting to climb up the ladder! Minutes passed, with both me and john making a scene by trying not to laugh throughout the movie we were both crying and all red. We both we dieing of laughter until the Dolby surround sound test (Where they do that surround sound thing loud right before the feature presentation) Which triped the hell out of me. I was then quiet. We both sat there just trippin'. Walls and curtains were messed up, lights were planets(not kidding) every thing looked like space. I was feeling the music and not able to understand it. I had allot of difficulty talking proper senteces and would talk to my self about shit? Hell I FORGET i just new i was talking to my self. I kept on thinking about different shit for hours. Things that i remember from last week were now dwelling on me i got this tremendous guilt about something from the past and was feeling so bad. I then felt the urge to pee. I THOUGHT i may piss my pant like earlier trips so i got up with some trouble and went to the bathroom. Thw whole way there I FORGOT about the bad feeling and got sort of a curious feeling and the need to touch all the melting and growing walls. All the weird organisms with mouths,ears and eyes. I thought to my self i would see space if i thought it and i actually visualized with the lights and the carpet. Now this is the best part of everything:
I walked into the bathroom and went to the toliet pee, urnols looked weird I THOUGH THEY WOULD EAT me so i went with out a problem......... now as i walked out i saw the LIGHT switch and thought maybe I Should switch it off see what it's like and that's what I DID. I can't even descirbe the haluncinations there. In complete darkness only. No in was not in any ways a bad trip there it was where i saw people shapes fiqures planes, EVERYTHING, everything was together peaceful and everything was so messed it was what I THINK the best trip of ALL!!!!!!!

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