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The Hand

One fine July afternoon I found myself walking around the parking lot of RFK stadium with a couple of girls I met on the train ride down from New York.

One fine July afternoon I found myself walking around the parking lot of RFK stadium with a couple of girls I met on the train ride down from New York. We were all there to see the Grateful Dead and were having a great time looking for tickets and food and other fancy things. After securing some general admission floor seats and eating a good fill of less than exciting french bread pizza, one of the girls takes out a large ziplock full of beautiful looking shrooms and asked how far I would be going tonite. This was an interesting twist... I hadn't tripped in almost a year and was ready to go again. I said, "I will eat what you are willing to give" and with that, she pulled out what looked to me like more than I remember ever taking... about 6 whole medium looking moushrooms a few bits and pieces of stems and caps.

I got a Bass and swallowed them down like pills.

We began making our way inside while we could still cope with the security guards who inevitably would give a little hassle. Unfortunately, by the time we were halfway thru the line, I was already feeling that familiar twinge in the root of my stomach and just barely made it thru the gate with my mind intact. As we walked out onto the stadium field, we picked a spot and set up the blanket.

Safe and sound (as sound as one can be after ingesting what seemed like a very large dose of psilocybin) I laid back and closed my eyes to think about anything but what my stomach was complaining about. I began to see colors and shapes from the waning sunlight on my eyelids and it seemed like a slow magical wave of colors about to engulf my mind.

I opened my eyes after what seemed like about an hour to find that less than 15 minutes had gone by. As I was looking at my watch it started to feel more like a shackle and so I decided that it might be best if I stashed it in my pocket. Being now completely free from it, I turned my attention to the stage. To my great surprise, the band had walked on and started to get set up to play. I remember seeing the lights around the stadium go out and the stage lights go on, and then the first bits of music played... it was just the band tuning up... but somehow I got lost in each sound as if it were an ever expanding fuzzy swatch of cloth. As the songs began, I can remember only the brilliant colors of the music and how beautifully complex each sound was. And still it seemed like a fuzzy cloth. I was also amazed by how long each individual sound was. It was as if someone had slowed everything down so I could gaze at the sounds like they were stars.

This lasted for what seemed like 2 hours, but, looking back, couldn't have been more than a half hour. I noticed at that point that the Light Show was in full effect. My attention was shifted... I still was reveling in the sounds, but the lights were like a pure miracle. I realized at that point that the sound was bringing the light to life... not figuratively, but quite literally. The lights seemed to grow with each passing note of music. Like cells dividing and getting ready to become this amazing being.

The end of the first set came and the light being was still in the womb. Stadium lights went on and brought me back to my horizontal position, eyes closed... my mind was reeling with excitement... I couldn't be the only one who was seeing what was happening, but how could I tell someone what I saw... I couldn't even figure out how to ask for a bottle of water... I my mind took the water thing and ran... one of the girls was drinking from a tall bottle of poland spring and somehow it ended up in my hands with the liquid running down my throat.

Lights out.

Would it still be there??? Several small people walked past whispering something about the importance of the engines running... momentarily confused... The lights came up before the band was on stage and there it was... much more defined now... Was that a finger??? I thought about it for a while... it seemed like a finger pointing at me... and there was the thumb and 3 other fingers... it was a hand...

The music starts

I see the hand begin to flex and fold... and then the strangest thing happened... it shook... waved if you will... and I waved back... The little people were cheering and saying something about the engines... I could see the energy like a green ball bouncing back and forth from the head of one to the other... it was making me a little nervous... I turned around to look at the two girls I was there with and they said something i couldn't understand... I moved closer... the ren energy ball came from her head and seemed to go into mine and I understood... something about flying over a forest... I felt like I floated to her and kissed her... bad idea... she was very much into it, but it felt a bit strange to me... I turned around and to my surprise the hand had multiplied... there were 2 hands... one playing over top of the stage and the other holding the stage about 30 feet in the air.

I couldn't do anything but watch as the hand played over top of the band, while the other held the stage gently in its palm...

The lights in the stadium came up... What just happened... still trying to figure it out as I walk to the exit, I looked back and saw the little people walking up the ladder to the booth in the middle of the field... then I saw the hand... it was now white and being carried along by the crowd as they tried to leave... the girl I kissed was walking in front of me holding my hand as we walked out of the stadium... we walk down to the river where there are trees and she says something about flying again... I feel like I am floating behind her as I don't feel myself walking... we get to where we can see the stadium in the distance and it begins to take on a strange green glow... she lays down the blanket and lays down on it... I do the same and watch as she slips out of her shirt... I do the same and turn to look at the stadium again... she is undoing my shorts and I don't realize... I am transfixed on the stadium and the strange green light until she begins rubbing me in ways I won't go into... things progress and I roll on top of her... as we are making love I feel us lift off the blanket and over the stadiumwhich is now lifting off the earth as well... I see that we are very high above the earth and that there are many more stadiums lifting off the earth as well... we dive down back to the river and there is a fade to black...

The next morning I wake up on the blanket with Cassy still on top of me and the blanket pulled up over us...

I do appologize for the length of this report... I hope some found it interesting and were able to get thru it all... I will leave you with this little bit of finishing... Cassy's friend Amy was nowhere to be found that morning and Cassy was unconcerned... She kissed me and walked away... I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers, but all I ever got was an answering machine and a short message on my machine 2 years later... it said "what a night... I am still not sure what happened... this is Cassy, by the way, and I will see you on the other side"

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