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Forest Troll

Well this was my first time taking mushrooms and It was great .

Well this was my first time taking mushrooms and It was great . I'll start from the begining and will try to tell you If I could, the whole trip.

Well I took the shrooms in the morning around 9:00 with ice tea. Around 20 minutes later I started to feel the effects, so I went into my room and I put on "Darkside of the moon" if any of you have heard this album you know what the begining like ( The brief silence then the beating of the heart, then the voices and finally the screaming and then the loud transition into the song). Well right after that transition ended and the music began thats when I started seeing mild hullucinations.The keys on My keyboard (computer-type) started to sway back and forth to the music then my attension was diverted to my carpet. It started shifting left and right then Ripples formed like an ocean It was neat. A little while after that I stated wlaking around the house touching things. Things did not appear to be warped but it certainly felt they where. An example is when I rubbed my hand against the wall instead of feeling flat it felt like it was arched. After about an hour I took off "Darkside of the moon" and then spent 20 minutes trying to decide what to put on next. My attention was often distracted when I was about to pick out an album I wanted ( It was like I would se the album I wanted then just as I was about to get it I broke out laughing). After all that I finally choosen Nirvana's unplugged album. I put that on and I listened throught it the first time just sitting there doing nothing, I was like in a trance. When the music was playing I felt like I was in the Audience, Part of the whole event because it sounded like I was. It sounded as though peple were around me. It was nice when The band members talked in between songs (you know who they are) and I felt like Kurt Cobain was a best freind or something because I felt so much compassion for him. A little while after that I went into the living room and left the cd player r

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