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The Trip At School


High.my names casey.im gonna tell you crazy bastards about my first trip.
I was 16 at the time.I had never tripped before.Just smoked a hell of alot of marijuana.Anyway,i dont know what kind of shrooms i took.It was the shrooms goin around in Southern missouri in the spring of 98.Since i had never tripped.I just thought"ahh shit,i can handle it."..

So my friend richy gives me 3 grams of shrooms one day before school.Everything is goin just great.Im sitting in class.I know im trippin.Im feelin it.Then i relize i just had a conversation with my computer concerning chemistry formulas..outloud!in front of the whole class.Anyway,people thought it was funny.cause i was a funny guy in school.

Next comes band class.Im playin the hell outta this guitar and just groovin to a beutiful rendition of billy joels River of dreams.Then my friend j.d. hits a bad note on his bass.It all goes downhill from there.I began to freak out and ran into a back room,which was a big mistake because the wall began to shrink in on me and little mushroom men from mario brother with big smiles and sharp teeth began to taunt me.
Among the rest of my 9 hours in hell include.watching the flesh melt from my hand.Being strangled by the seat belt in my car after school which i thought was a snake.And becoming parinoid because while i was driving i thought a white school bus from the Christian school was stalking me in an attempt to kill me.Needless to say.i Had a bad trip.


i didnt trip for a whole year after that,in which time i awoke from horrific nitemares.But now everythings all good and i have tripped many times since then and had some of the greatest experiances of my life.just dont take a whole shitload of shrooms like i did your first time.And especialy dont go to school.ViVa La MaGiC MuShRoOmS!!!

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