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ooz and neon goo

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As I entered the the new world
just as everything started to make sense
everything went blank
blobs of black and beams of neon light
sitting in the corner of my room
listening to The Doors
strings and globs of neon goo oozed out of the speakers (much like the picture at the end
of the second page)
making a puddle of the most brilliant colors I have ever seen
the goo separates into each of it’s original colors and raises off the floor
it then intertwines with each other making beautiful ribbon shapes flying through the air
the goo vibrates and intertwines with each other to the beat of the music
the walls came alive and started pulsating to the rhythm of Jim Morrison’s voice
almost as if they were breathing
I try to take a sip of Gatorade
as I go to unscrew the cap a green figure is sitting on top of it smiling at me
I freaked out and sloshed some Gatorade on my hand
I looked down to wipe it off and saw that my flesh was m

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