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Jamaica Mon

I recently vacationed in Negril.

I recently vacationed in Negril.. a big party spot in Jamaica consisting of a 7 mile strip of beach. It is a beutiful place, and a great setting for a great trip. I dont think a bad trip could exist in such a pristene environment so anyblaze.... I decide to get some shrooms from a trusted local. In jamaica, they RUN up to you with goodies for CHEAP, anything you want. Just so you get an idea of how cheap, an ounce of sticky kind bud is about $10-15 depending on how much time you spend bargaining. So I told the guy, get me 20 US worth of the best shrooms. He ventured towards the Mountains to pick my little babies fresh. These shrooms were quite large, about 1-4 inches around, tinted blue stem, and the size of the bag was the kind that 12 oz. beers come in. It was filled to the brim. I would say the bag weighed a few ounces, but i didnt care HAHAH I ate them immediately, as this was my FINAL night in jamaica mon. It took forever to eat this obsurd amount of shrooms. I didnt eat them with anything, just straight down the hatch. I ate so many of these little bastards, not only did i lose count, i was FULL. Having many trips under my belt, I was not at all worried. For some reason I have a high tolerance to the psychoactives within shrooms. So my trip: The first effects cam immediately after we smoked a spliff, i remember it hitting me very suddenly- everything was dancing- there was no turning back now. The curtains on the windows were breathing, my laptop is looking BUG- windows 2000 looked like windows 95 and Im -good- with computers... for some reason the start menu was old school, and embossed on the screen. I cant explain most of this with ordinary words but anyways at About T+30 min i am t-ballz (my nickname on shrooms) i remember taking a walk down to the beach, at this point things are talking to me, me vision is my sound, my sound is my vision, my sixth sense (the one u get when you know someone is near you, is now my touch - LITERALLY... so after who knows how long, I end up knee deep in the water gazing up into the stars. One can only imagine what or who i was talking too. I never thought the world could look so fuckin cool. The stars didnt do enough for me though so I moved on. I remember seeing my friend, who was on E, which I dont do, and he asked if I wanted to watch the grammie awards with Eminem, so we went back to the hotel room. If anyone else saw this shit tripping PLEASE tell me if you thought the same thing. Eminem had some sort of mystery frequency in his voice. I swear to god, it was like a high pitched lisp. After that, my memory started really going. I went out to sit on the porch in a hammock style swinging chair, I was handling myself quite nicely considering the dosage... i just wish i could tape record what i was seeing, ya know, because i'll never satisfy myself in any trip report!! THY SHROOM GODS LUV THIS. The visuals were really intense- everwhere i looked there was something new to fuck with my brain... cats wandering.. reggae music in the distance, it was so ill. I wish i could remember more- but i can guarantee that I have to be on the top 10 list for "most shrooms ingested". Shrooms are the best.. thanx for reading my ramble. Next time your in jamaica... eat some, trust me :0

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