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I am back with the rest of my trip report.

I am back with the rest of my trip report. As I was saying
the first hour or so seemed to come on in waves and then die
down a little between each wave. My body was really feeling
the effects of the shrooms. With other hallucinogens I never
notice much of a body trip. But not this one! I could feel
parts of my body stretching and contorting in all
directions. Once while I was lying on my couch trying to
maintain, I felt my entire body become part of the couch and
meld together. Then I started melting and dripping off the
couch. I remember all my bodily processes weren't
functioning correctly. I belched out my ears several times.
My throat would seem to swell shut and keep me from
breathing normally. I had to take huge breaths for it to
work right. Meanwhile while all this terrible stuff was
happening to my body my mind was experiencing every emotion
possible either at the same time or from one emotion to the
next in a very rapid fashion. I felt violent and wanted to
hit something one minute and then was crying with joy and
hugging all my friends telling them how much I loved them.
When the drug finally peaked I was in a totally different
world. I had a bombardment or colors, visions, memories,
peoples faces, and thoughts all flash in front of my face. I
couldn't keep up with everything that was going on at this
time so I can't tell you all of it but I will say it was a
very intense, spiritual occurence. I belive some of the
visions I had were of me at different intervals of my life
in the future.

After the shrooms had peaked I started to feel very very
comfortable. I was in a great mood, I felt like a million
dollars, and it seemed like an ecstasy roll only less
intense and speedy. I talked with my friends about what we
had experienced and then I let D try to cut my hair. All in
all I ended up with the craziest drug induced night of my
life and a fucked up hair cut, Go figure!!!

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