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talk to sheep

I left early one morning for my friends house witch he is doing up in the country.

I left early one morning for my friends house witch he is doing up in the country. so we got out of the car he went into the house ta do some work. I left for the felds picken a about an hour later I return with about 120 p.semilicata mushrooms with I made soup from. I rolled a joint and left back for the fields I was walking around picking and eaten shrooms about 20 minutes later I started to trip my boots started barking and started having sum trails I looked at a cow shit and felt myself become one with it
So I left the ground turned to sponge and every thing felt dreamy. a sheep popet into the filed and started talking to me about life and what it was like to be a sheep he told me about a brilliant filled near by. where the grow thick I didn’t buy it he was just trying to get his sticky litel paws on my shrooms he said go now or ill shrink you I laught at this and chased the sheap out of the filed shure enough I shrank a joind the little people in ther na oega ( and the elves who guarded the mushrooms they said I here buy grant you tomas of the clan o cuni pasage true these fields I went back to normal size
And farly sober as trips this large go in waves I needed company as if it would some how retern me to sanity

I was just getting over the wall and looked at my fist full of shrooms with turend blue
Yum yum to them bye the way simi’s don’t blue my frind anserd the door lafing his ass of he lookit like a big laughfing monkey I turn on the tv 2 chanels bear in the big blue house or home and away that was cool bear jumped out of the tv and sat down beside me my frend enterd now looking like an elephant I looked at the tv ooooohhhhh no no no not more tele tubes the litle evil basterds were here to take my sole I fired something at the tv and left I went outside and became one with nature hugingin trees and so on a hoped apon my plants that were buding so I ate two heads of the skunk then went for a walk I- started talking to an enchanted man on the road
He said she will come before 4 moons she will teach you what you are. her name will sound like a jewel. a few months later I had an ESP insedent with a girl named johana nick name jewly who I had never met before but knew almost every thing about
I came back to earth for a while perplexed by the message I shrugged it of and walked a bit further
Then I was flying way up high over what Ireland would have looked like a few thousand years ago. I came to a clearing where there were all these semi naked Celts dancing around a ring fort. making some kind of tribal beat with sticks in there hands and singing in Irish but I couldn’t make out what they were saying evn though I can speak it when I came back I was lying down in a ditch with big fat smile on my face

I when back to the house and sat down when the ciling started to get lower and lower till it was right in front of my face the bud rely started kikin in and fell aslepy I think
I woke up at 6 I was rely stoned and still tripin I was glad at least now I could look at my watch without it going crazy I now had hold of time earlier id look at my watch it would say 3 then 5 minits later 2 then go all micky mouse

Over all that day I had at least 250 mushrooms and that’s all I can rember takeing
At points I felt I was maid of wood witch was rely wird other things I cant describe with words so I dident try

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