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A few too many (2)

My friend Monty has all ready written about this trip from his perspective, after reading his story I thought I’d better put my point of view down.

My friend Monty has all ready written about this trip from his perspective, after reading his story I thought I’d better put my point of view down.

We picked the mushrooms in a park just outside London, thanks to a mutual friend we had a permit to pick for ‘biological mycology research purposes’. We took them back, washed them all religiously, and tried them under a blow dryer set on a low setting.

A few day’s later we decided to try them out, we knew from the last batch that these things were very strong, but because we’d got close to a level 5 trip before we’d actually forgotten how many we’d taken. I had thought about this in advanced and decided that it might be a good idea to have a ‘minder’ who would be relatively sober who could stop us doing anything too rash. I chose a friend of mine called Alex, he’s a relatively responsible person (when he’s sober) and I trust him implicitly. I asked him to come around, and then Monty and I started munching.

I’m not sure exactly how many I’d taken, but eventually Alex turned up. At this stage things were getting quite amusing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was going on. Unfortunately we had completely forgotten why Alex was there, so we gave him the rest of the dried mushrooms and I think I remember Monty saying something along the lines of “eat these they’re reallllllllllly gooood…’ Alex started munching and we all sat on the floor..

The television was on and it was ‘So Graham Norton’. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a chat show hosted by a very loud mouthed camp guy. As the show was on things began to start to get very trippy.. The blinds all merged and formed one large wavy thing, the floor (which is wooden) turned into liquid, you could actually see the grains running over each other and where the table leg met the floor the grains where bubleling up and down the leg. As this happened the sound on the t.v. began to strobe and distort till it became.. noise…. A horrible horrible noise…

Then the feeling of dread started to sink in, the communication between member’s of the group tailed off. I knew I was going somewhere a long long way away. Alex started to say something,. He was starting to panic about things. I have a mantra in these situations.. “you’ve taken the mushrooms, that’s the reason nothing makes sense, your be fine in a while after you’ve come down..” I told him this, and told him to keep hold of it, repeat it in his head till he understood it. Unfortunately as I was explaining this to him he morphed into some very strange frog like creature, which made me start to laugh. That was the last thing I remember really, apart from looking at my ceiling which eventually turned black.

I was completely introverted, I wasn’t aware of anyone else there or where I was. Nothing made any sense, there was a stream of images, most of them abstract that were coming into my head. I was trying to make sense of anything and couldn’t. I came to the conclusion that I was actually insane and wouldn’t be able to function at all. Bit by bit I began to come down. Reality would burn through and I could hear about 30 seconds at a time of the television, I recognised what the program was, but then that completely confused me.

Eventually the abstractness stopped, and I found my self in a very trippy reality. A lot of hallucinations, but at the same time this huge feeling of relief. I’d worked out where I was, what I was and who I was again. Everything suddenly made TOTAL sense, it was amazing, I had actually worked out what was making the noise, what the t.v. was, who those things (I didn’t realise they were people) where. Monty started to speak, we both had the same feeling of total relief, it was amazing. We spoke for ages, and continued to hallucinate for a while.

Meanwhile Alex was somewhere very strange, he’d taken off all his clothes and was sitting on the floor looking very lost. I started to try to talk to him, but all he could manage was syllables. We weren’t that worried at that time, he’d consumed them after we had got to them so it was probably going to happen that he would be up for longer than us. After a while of not responding to us he started to walk about. He was kind of strutting about and every so often he’d call out for his mother. It wasn’t a desperate cry, just more of an authoritative ‘mother come here’ shout. He wasn’t aware of us at all. We just made sure he wasn’t going to hurt himself and let him get on with it. Unfortunately this didn’t quite work out too, as I was sitting on the toilet, Alex burst in and tried to pee on me. Thank god I managed to move before the damage was too bad, but it was quite odd. Eventually after a couple of hours Alex put himself to bed. He woke up a couple of hours later completely in control again. It took him two weeks to remember what had happened… Apparently he thought he was in a Roman Villa, that’s why he was looking for his mother, he assumed she’d be there for some strange reason. He hadn’t worked out that we were there at all. He thought that we were the hallucinations.

However, after all of this, we still want to have another go. It was certainly a learning experience.

Have fun….. J

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