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Its Friday.

Its Friday. I just purchased 1/2 an ounce of some Cubenis from a friend of mine. I'm sitting on the couch, thinking of some way to swallow these horridly disgusting mushrooms. after about 3 tries, I realize that O.J. masks the taste really well. I think I ate about 1/4 once of mashed stuff, and it took about 30 minutes to hit me.
And oh man did it hit hard! It started with a pretty good stoned feeling. Time was slowing down, and it was hard to keep my head up. Sound was getting "bigger" and life was pretty good. Turned the T.V. on and relaxed
About 20 minutes after that, I had way too much going on inside to watch TV. The ceiling starts flowing like a babbling brook, twirling its way through the sky. My pet Bonsai gets shorter, then taller, then starts bending around. I have to urinate really bad. I get up, and my center of gravity is just gone. I wobble and steady myself against the walls, finally making it to the bathroom. I sit down, and notice that my bathrooms getting a lot bigger than it was before. I look at myself in the mirror, and it starts dripping. my face is getting longer, and looking doggish.
I finally make it back to my room, just in time to start peaking. I grab a crows feather, and ask myself to die? I cut the lights, and go into myself. I see Shamans throughout time, dancing with them, becoming them. I dance with wolves and crows, flying and running over hills and into valleys. then I lost it. I had to pee again. I couldn't get up, and 5 minutes later, I pissed on myself.
I'm five again. My crotch is wet, and I'm standing in the middle of my room. I fall to the floor, trying to fall asleep and forget this happened. The floor is hard and cold, so i take some towels from my room and wrap myself in them, finnaly falling asleep on my bed. This is when it hits me the hardest. I see god on a mountaintop, and I'm dressed in white. I raise my arms, and An angelic choir sings with my arms raising. first 1, then 100, then 1000, then 100,000. The sound is deafening. I've become enlightened. I wake up, its 2:15. I freak out, I think i'm goin insane. I close my eyes, I wake up, its 2:15. I freak out, I think i'm goin insane. I close my eyes, I wake up, its 2:15. I freak out, I think i'm goin insane. It goes on again. and again. OH god I took too much. K (my girlfriend) I love you. I'm brain dead, sorry. I'm stuck here at 2:15 forever. I finally fall asleep, at 2:16.
I wake up at 3. I'm an alien. I get up to piss, and I see that i've written gibbersh all over my legs. I have a burn on my right hand. how did this get here? I make it to the bathroom, and I move very fast. Like I stand still and the world is moving past me. I go back to bed, watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie, where everyones heads mutate. I finally wake up at 12 the next morning, alive and well

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