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It all started off with a bulging sack of mushrooms and 3 friends.

It all started off with a bulging sack of mushrooms and 3 friends. We weighed out our individual shares and began making our concoctions so we could begin our trip. I ended up drinking a bunch of tea made with roughly 7 grams of dried shrooms and eating all the mushies in the bottom of the pot. Everything was cool for about 30 minutes and then 2 friends went for a walk to someones house to go watch "The Wall". My remaining friend and I stayed in the house, tripping hard on everything. It was his first time, Ren & Stimpy were on the television (excellent trip material, the close up animations are soooo trippy) and we were wasted. Apparently the phone rang, I didn't hear it, and it was a few of our non-tripping buddies wanting to come over..... my friend said it was okay. I was sitting in a chair with no legs when two people walked in the door.... I had no clue who they were though they were good friends of mine. I kept trying to convince myself it was the two trippers who left earlier.... I was toast. All I could manage to say to them was "I dunno" and they laughed at me (I think) for looking wasted and sitting in the little chair. Someone else came buy... someone wanting to buy some of my uneaten shrooms..... someone I didn't know.... someone I didn't want to give shrooms to. My non-tripping friends tried to play sheriff and get a sack off of me that I wanted to sell. The whole situation was uncomfortable and I lost $5 so after they all left my friend and I went for a walk. We had a destination in mind to start off with (one I would arrive at and my friend would not.... but that comes later), but I could remember nothing. I was informed later that during our walk I kept asking like every 5 minutes where we were going and why had we left the house. Anyways, we were walking through our quiet college town.... headed toward campus (unknown to me) in the middle of the night. We wound up at a hall across the street from the presidents house and even walked by a cop on the way... whoopee. I was not sure where we were, but the doors sure as hell were locked, and my friend was intent on sitting on the stairs and listening to the rain. I would have no part of it so I walked off without him.... too uncomfortable to attempt to reason. The rest of my night was a strange journey indeed. I was walking around in the pouring rain, unable to decide where I should go, but with an idea of when I would change direction before it happened. I thought I could predict what I would do, but not control it. I walked all over the town in the middle of the night in the pouring rain.... not even sure what town I was in. I saw the occasional car and thought it would strike me down and kill me.... that I was reliving my death, not tripping. I stumbled across someone walking up the street towards me a ways into my journey. I was scared to death that he would kill me, something I honestly believed. He began talking to me and I realized he was a shmuck looking for beer so in my best best attempt at seeming sane I began walking him towards a convenience store. He tried talking to me, I couldnt understand and mumbled a few things at him (I think) before walking up through someones lawn to get away. That began the trend of walking through peoples yards, not a cool thing to do in a small town..... but what the hell, the yards didn't exist to me. After a long time walking I managed to get some bearings and walked to the house of my closest friend. They were downstairs smoking and were drunk (unbeknownst to me) and being rowdy. I showed up unable to speak to them and just sat down on the stairs and started smoking a cig. I could understand what they were saying at this point, and even able to imagine responses in my head, but I was completely unable to speak. I realized a few minutes later that I could predict what everyone would say and do, but not talk about it.... pretty creepy. Finally the two friends that left at the beggining of the trip showed up miraculously and of course they were very interested in what happened to the other tripper (first timer), I had no clue. We went inside the drunken friends house and I sat in a chair in the corner, still predicting conversations and actions. My good friend, one of the two who left early in the trip, was really getting freaked out that I wouldn't talk so he loaded a bowl to chill us all out. This helped immensely.... I regained the ability to say I dunno!!!!! After some more chilling and a few more bowls I was able to explain my trip. I realized I was walking on grand loops that intersected each other.... this is why I thought I could predict my path but not control it, I walked each loop at least 3 or 4 times and they covered the whole town pretty much. We found out the first timer made it home safe and had a blast. I don't know if I would ever want to lose my mind like that again, but it was a helluva adventure. I didn't even get ill from walking around soaking wet all night..... I love tripping.

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