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4th and last trip

Hello, I've always enjoyed reading these reports and have finally decided to report a trip I had in 1991, as it seemed so intense to me that I have often reminisced about it.

Hello, I've always enjoyed reading these reports and have finally decided to report a trip I had in 1991, as it seemed so intense to me that I have often reminisced about it. I had in those recent months EATEN hand-picked shrooms, the blue/purple stainind stems with a golden "nipple" on the top, I'm not sure exactly the species but they commonly grow in cow dung here in the South.

Anyway, I had about level 2 experiences before, 3 times while drinking beer with a friend. Exciting at those points, higher than I had ever been, plants looked fascinating in the moonlight, like pre-historic refugees. Lights streamed a bit, and waves at a lake "flattened" into 2-dimensional lines approacing the shore. Sounds were weird, echoing and "overlapping", slight 3-d effect. I was realtively new to recreational drug use, and these were neat to me, except for the third one, I was tired and attmepting sleep but could "hear" the TV, and would get up to see that the TV was not on.

Then one day I agreed to pick shrooms with a friend again, it is fun in the fields. We were to do the shrooms that Satruday, but I stayed up all night and my friend came over to report an acid party going to happen that night. I had not eaten anything that day, and was dog tired, but I was peered into tripping a day earlier. That was a bad choice.
That factor, and two others, led me to a very bad state later. We had gathered about 4 big handfuls of shroooms, with one big "mama" cap about 4 inches wide. since others were to be near, we decided to share and tried a new technique to us, tea. We boiled all the shrooms up in a 2 quart tea pot, and simmered it for about 30 minutes tillit was a dark purple concoction, added 1 cup of sugar and poured over ice. The remainder filled half a two liter bottle, we drank about 2 cups apiece , the taste was actually like reg tea, not bad!! try sugar after simmering...

Anyway, then this guy was smoking weed with us and he was telling some fucked up story about a dude that had taken "ten hits of acid" or somehting and his eyes rolled into his head and he was conmvulsing.. that sort of freaked us out, more so after he noticed that the story was giving us bad vibes and he abrubtly stopped his tale. this stuck in my head, bad factor two. About 30 minutes later, I'm laying in back of a truck on way to woods in nowhere, watching the stars turn from points of light into smeared lines on a black sky. Neat, but I knew it was fresh into the trip and I ahd never seen shit like that before, and my stomach of course became ill.

We stopped at a friends house, I "had" to throw up but there was nothing to expel. I had dry heaves, and confusion. Somehow I managed back into the truck for the ride to the woods. All would have been fine but setting was wrong, time was wrong.. etc.. recipe for bad trip. It turned bad. Upon arribval to the woods, I was seeing triple campfires and heaving my stomach into my throat. very bad. My "friend" also got sick, but he was experienced with all drugs, he overcame his ill feeling and accused me of not wanting to trip!!! and questioned whether I was scared!!>? Of course I was, and as fucked up as I was,( I was terrified, real extreme terror) I could not hardly respond or communicate to him. He ran off to run his pain off, I had no desire to run in the dark down an unknown trail, so I closed in on the fire and sat with some other unknown peiople. they turned out to be cool though.
As I held my terror within my brain, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. the other people there were tripping on acid, and also took some of our shroom tea. budf was passed, I took a bit but delined further. I gave away my quart of beer... The "waves" came at me unrelentingly, each wave took me higher, and higher.. I would become breathless as I peaked on a "wave", looking at my arm I saw it dispalyed at a perverted angle in the chair and seamlessly joined with it.
At 3 points during the night, I had to go lay down, I was so fucked I didnt trust to sit there bside stragers while I didnt have control over my vision or hearing. I would go a bit down the trail and lay in the dirt, unable to keep my eyes open. there , 3 times, I "saw eternity, the center of time, universe" etc.. types of things, which amazed me, but I was completely sure I was going to die in that state, and I was sure that that was the worst way to die. Then a wave would take me to a new place, and closing my eyes, all I could see were blobs of blue and red, yellow, swirling and sometimes felt like in a blood vessel.
Well, the terror I felt was controlled since I knew what I was on, I told myself constantly "it will end, it is a drug" over and over. I finally slowed down on the ride, and I regained some ability to understand my surroundings. The waves slowed down gradually, seemingly taking forever to drop one levil, then surge a bit back up, then drop,,, over and over. fianly we went back home, and almost exactly 4 hours after we drank the tea, it seemed to suddenly drop off from the last bit of "stoned" feel.
I was very amazed at the experience. I ahve never, ever forgot that trip, and it permenantly changed the way I looked at the universe and matter, time. However, I chose not to do shrooms again as the fear was so intense, I smoke weed mainly but refrain from hallucinogens, except MDMA I did once. I maintain a 3.67 gpa at college now, better than I performed when I was non-drug using. It felt bad at the time, but had a positive experience overall. It was fear,a we, ecstasy, death and a new chance all in one 4 hour block. very neat, but the setting was so bad, I mean, shitty "friend" to turn on you under the influence!!! Fortunatley, I calmed myself as best i could and observed the ride, and the guy that had told me the bad story about hte cid, he had experienced a bad trip before too, and knew what i was going through. I observed he was ok, and he seemed sympathetic so that braced me as well, and I listened to him when I could comprehend the surroundings. very interesting but scary, I felt safer alone in the woods at "periods" than sitting with the dickhead who seemed pissed that I was scared. I of course am not hanging with him, and he is a loser today it seems, nothing going for him, but I moderated my drug use and am doing good, very good $80k + job in 2 years ahead. I also have not tripped since then, but am tempted if I only had true friends to do it with... no biggie, weed is enough for me anyway,a nd after experience liek that , for me, is enough for lifetime of reflection.

For all of you, shroom with real friends, in a comfortable setting, and do not let your acquaintances talk you into doing them when youre not set or on an empty stomach with little sleep. For extremists, however, that may be your ticket to a new experience. good luck and best to you, all things in moderation.

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