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Near Life Experience

This actually happened about a month ago, but I still remember it quite vividly.

This actually happened about a month ago, but I still remember it quite vividly. Here goes. I had done shrooms three seperate times before, and so when my friends from my home town decided they wanted to do them I told them I could get them two grams each. So, finally when the night came to do the shrooms, we all gathered at my friend C's house at about 9:00 pm. There were five of us, including myself, and we proceeded to take two grams each. However, one of my friends only wanted one gram, so I ended up taking three. The night was going pretty well for about two hours, we watched "Half-Baked" and "Billy Madison" and laughed our asses off. At about midnight though my best friend V started freaking out, saying he couldn't be near any of us because our laughter sounded to him like people screaming due to torture in some kind of Hell. I ignored this at first and kept laughing my ass off at Adam Sandler until about 1:30. I noticed my friend was even worse now, so I figured I would go talk to him. I got up and went in to the kitchen where he was, and began to talk to him. He said he was really scared and wanted the trip to be over. I tried my best to calm him down when all of a sudden a wave of pure hate, evil, despair, depression (pick a synonym) come over me and as it did I grabbed hold of the countertop to wait till it was over, what happened next was the real trip. First off, from my friends point of view, my eyes rolled in to the back of my head, my muscles went stiff and a fell over like a tree falling, I smahed my head on the kitchen floor cutting my head and eye open, and when my friend went to pick me up, I was spasming and still stiff as a board. The noise of my fall alerted everyone else to come into the kitchen to see what was wrong, and they finally revived me and layed me down on the couch. That's is what my friend saw, what I saw when I passed out still haunts me today. When the wave of ultimate despair come over me, I thought to myself this is must be what people who commit suicide feel just before they do it. I felt like I was dying. The next thing I knew I was floating in an ocean of white, and the feeling was absolutely blissful, I did not want to leave. I felt as though I had died and gone somewhere else and all the while it felt as though Something was trying to communicate with me. It felt like I was there for hours, but it was only a few seconds. When myn friends ran into the kitchen to revive me, I could feel myself slowly swimming up from the ocean to the top to get some air. Low and behold my friends say my face had turned white and I wasn't breathing. The next thing was as I hit the surface of the ocean-like consciousness I regained consciousness and I saw my friends asking me if I was alright. I tired to say "You should have left me" but nothing came out. Meanwhile my friends were freakionig out becasue of my huge cuts and they kept saying you have to go to the hospital. Finally I regained my composure and calmly and quietly said "Please get me a wet towel so I could lie down." They did, and so I lied down all the while I remember grinning like a christian fool, not even feeling the pain of my huge cuts. This experience frightened me but it was precisely the expereince I was searching for in the first place. I got what I wanted.

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