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My report is about my 1st and all my friends 1st liquid acid trip, but i felt i just had to put it on.

My report is about my 1st and all my friends 1st liquid acid trip, but i felt i just had to put it on. I have been reading these reports for quite some time and I can never seem to get shrooms so this will have to do. I took the acid at my first DISCO BISCUIT show on 4/14/01 in roseland ballroom in NY. I will try to describe my trip best i can,but if i can even describe 1/32 of all the crazy things that happend this would be about a 12 page report.Me and my friends DS,NB,ET all got a ride to the show at about 6:15 and we arrived at about 7:30. In the concert we saw BT,MP,CS,TD and some more people but i feel i listed enough. It all started when we were walking arround trying to score some shrooms. We asked alot of people where to find some but most of them said in my stomach and shit like that. One person gave us a bag of spores, which my friend DS ate later on when he was tripping. Well anyway we asked another guy for shrooms but he said he only had MDMA, but he had a friend with liquid acid. So me and everyone else i listed except BT decided to get some. The kid with the acid was fucked up out of his mind and when i ave him my $5 he gave me two drops by accident..same with all my other friends except DS who got dossed 2 seperate times with more then a drop b/c he did not feel it after and hour not to mention it was his 1st time and MP who got dossed with more then a drop 3 seperate times for his 1st time. DS acted ok except for stupid questions and shit and MP was real fucked up but i thik he did allright but i didnt stay with him so i dont know. Well anyway back to my trip. I took the acid at arround 8:30 and started feeling it at about 9:45. When it 1st came on it came on strong probably b/c i had just smoked a blunt of the ill dank bud 15 min before it kicked in. When i 1st started tripping the music was freaking me out but i controlled myself by getting a drink and sitting down for a bit while i got used to it. Everyone i stared at had greenish faces and fucked up looking eyes. They all looked as if they were staring at me, but i had no clue at all if they really where. After about 20 min of sitting down i decided to go into the crowd. i got as close to the stage as possible, butr on my way there i had to walk thru tons of people who appeared to me as zombies with no arms or 1 leg and they were all hobling arround like they were dead. Luckily I saw someone i knew which brought me back to reality. When i finally stop walking i was so close to the stage just watching the changes in color and all the smoke on the set. The DISCO BISCUITS songs made me feel all happy and made my trip work for the better. After standing there until about 5 min before the concert was over i decided to go find my friends i walked back thru the crowd seeing zombies again, but i found another friend which brought me back to reality again. During the concert i went to the bathroom about 6 times only to not have to take a piss it was weird. After the concert ended me and my friends DS,TD,NB and ET hit the streets. After walking for like a block TD,NB, and ET decided to have McDOnalds while me and DS waited outside b/c DS was fucked up and couldnt deal with staying in there. Every person that passed me I thought came from the concert but i realize now that only about 20 out of 200 were actually from it. I kept hearing everyones conversations and i felt they were weird and I would tell that too DS and he would only respond by saying shut up theres cops arround...which there werent but sometimes did pass. After McDOnalds we crossed the street to starbucks b/c the bathroom in McDonalds was closed and this time I actually had to go. When we got to starbucks DS used the bathroom 1st and while i was standing outside the door waiting for him i was staring at the tiles and they had patterns moving like that of colidiscope. I then used the bathroom in which the toliet seat was warping and shit(i think i pissed on the floor by accident but im not sure).
After that we tried to hacky sack but we couldnt and NB and TD left for penn station while me ET, and DS had nothing to do and were in no condition to speak to DS's dad yet for a ride. So fucked up as we are we walk up and down the same black about 5 times to then stop at a dinner and take a piss. In the dinner the bathroom was warping again it was nuts. We then decided to sit down outside of the dinner for a while. We sat in front of a huge billboard with a piscture of guys standing. In the billboard the floor the guys were stangding on was warping out of control with patterns colors and alot of crazy shit. Not to mention the clouds which were a world of there own.We finally decided to call DS's dad at arround 1:30 and we were still tripping. On the car ride home we played it perfect without him knowing ne thing. The whole carride i was thinking complex questions that had no meaning to me and i was trying as hard as i could to find it out. DS's dad dropped us off at my house at arround 2:30 where we went into the basement and tried to play rainbow 6..dam was that some fucked up shit. We decided it was too hard and stopped. Next was the biggest challenge of all trying to fall asleep. With the lights off i kept seeing green lights and focused on the sligtest sounds i thought i was hearing fire engines and shit but ET said there were none. After about an hour and a half of trying to sleep in my asement with the TV on, off,on,off lights on(on one side of the room) and then off back and forth we did this until we realized that the basement of the house had too much noises and shit to sleep in. Not to Mention DS was bugging out saying that his trip would never end and shit. We then went up to my room to sleep which had less noise. we tryed to sleep with the band PHISH's music playing but DS wouldnt let us keep it on. I shut it off and lied down i closed my eyes and i would see the craziest things people warping shit spinning, anything imaginable i saw with my eyes closed and with my eyes open i saw lines and blurrynesswitht he lights off. Once again eery two seconds DS would say something or sit up in bed. Finally at about 4:50 DS and ET fell asleep. I still couldnt though no position had the right comfert and all the sounds were annoying. I have no idea how i did it but i fell asleep at arround 5:55 maybe 6:15. Now im here writing about my trip. It was a real fun trip for me and i would suggest trying liquid acid at a DISCO BISCUITS show. I still dont know if MP is ok or what happend to him and im wondering what did. Thanks for reading my report


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