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a clairvoyant world

…not this time, no, we could not reach the top.

…not this time, no, we could not reach the top.
Disappointment dissipated and was exchanged with a
mutual understanding of the moment. A perfect square
derived of many logs, some coal-black from travelers’
wild behavioured nights, passing by centuries before.
And I remember preparing myself for the next few
instances as only I could do. Ginger fused with fruit
permeated the air as the lucidity of the tea consumed
my mouth. Each sip; further futher into an eternity I’d
love to spend only with U. The night was dead silent,
stagnation and deliverance upon us; cast away into our
own paradigm of a world we no longer could recognize.
Dancing teasing flames intertwined with aromas and
wax. Sustaining waves, more intense, engulfing every
follicle of my skin--screaming out. Each juncture was
shattered for time does not exist anymore. Talk to me
Russ. I am alone, lonelier than ever and I think I might
be falling into a hellish domain. Please, just tell me
you are here with me, am I alone? Trying to, I am trying.
Towering branches of blackness waving playfully,
suspended in mid animation. There is no wind. There
is no wind jon. Blanket of stars through scintillating
spheres of dust and molecules, atop my head.
Enveloping, all encompassing peripherals never before
seen so coherently-sparkling. Russ? Why is your
voice different? Why are you indifferent? To Want?
What about TO LOVE? I have to lay down now, I cannot
stand it, I can not stand up…too numb to be upright yet
a clairvoyance like I have never have had before engulfs
my shell, my case, now inconstant to everything else.
And I peer through eidoscopic eyes, and instinctually I
realise that I am witnessing the creation and death of
the world, for the first time. Universe pulsates inside
and out as I bear witness, infantile-passing. So much
love within the clarity and I have never felt this
concentration. He lost his mind and having found mine
for the first time, I offered a voice of reason-perhaps the
only one throughout the second we were lost. To love,
To love, To love! Life is beyond exciting, it is beyond
comprehension, beyond. Beyond. I lost myself in the
darkness--and found myself on the other side,
wavering back and forth. A shadow rising from
tree-scapes, no, I do not like this, go away. Blink, a
nudge, and vanished. Scent of luna creep into my soul,
by the wind affirming more over more. Tears at a
moment, could not handle this sadness but washed
away by rapture. All whisped away by love and U.
Russ? U are scaring me. Tent? Pockets of
nightmarish monstrosities ballooned inside and my
companion a mere face-blur, melting into insanity.
Four hours had passed within a blink of the solstice’s
night, and we had surely traveled light-years within and
beyond ourselves to a place where only love
reigns-purity, and kindness; this place is our perpetual
reality. We could not reach the top, not this time, maybe
never. The world is waiting upon hands and knees,
patiently patiently within its perfect symmetry, for our

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