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Blacking Out

My day started out normal.

My day started out normal. Went to school, smoked pot, and picked up the shrooms I was going to use with a friend. I ended up getting twice as much as I had planned, so I could trip that night.
It was 6:30 at night, and the sun was two hours away from setting. It was me and two other close friends. We decided to "hang" at a local community center type facility with Television, Pool, and Ping-Pong. The shrooms had already started taking effect and I was in the lacking for motor skills, so I decided upon the "normal(not on any drugs or violating any laws)", lazy thing to do: T.V.(why, of course).
Next thing I know, the walls start growing in all different direcctions, then retracting and closing in on me. Then it looked as if small(puppet sized) creatures were crawling under the walls(as if they were under the wall paper). I attempted to control my breathing, but my efforts were lost when it became too hard. I would laugh every now and then at Friends(T.V.) to try and sound sober while at the same time it felt as if I was melting into space and time. The universe was nothing, and neither was I. The best word I can use to describe it is: Plastered. Completely disconnected from the rest of my body, with bazaar things growing through my mind. That's when another good friend came down to meet us.
We left the "community" center and went to go drop a few things off. We decided to go over to another friends house for somewhat of a "get-together". Exspecting it to be all of eight people(haha).
When we first got there, there was only 4 or so people there. It was really peaceful and happy. We smoked a lot of pot, listened to great music, and just hung out as the party proceeded to grow into what seemed like a thousand people. Then, as we were about to leave(on our way out of the house), I blacked out. Technically a vaso- vagal episode(where I get too dehydrated). I think also the amount of people, and the confussion I felt around them, contributed to the episode.. At first it was black. For an infinite amount of time, I was just floating in space. I was one with the universe. Next thing I know it feels like I'm falling into a golden wavy ocean. It just shimmered, and I just kept falling. Then, I "looked" over and all I saw was sillhouettes of Jake(one of the guys at the party), while hearing everyone talking at the party, saying such things like:"Are you okay...what happened...she's faded...is she going to be okay...drugs...". That's when my vision opted for working and I "came to". I ended up talking with Jake about past drug experiences and sleeping.
I know it's not technically a good thing to black out, but when you get so incredibly disconnected from your body, you realize how inside yourself you are. And how you know everything about you. And how a person is so much different than all other people. After all of that, I chose not to regret it(as I now choose not to regret anything).

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