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Room Of Imagination

it was the best expierence i have ever had.

it was the best expierence i have ever had. first off let me teel u that if u have never tried shrooms than definitely try them. it is an expierence of a life time, and i feel it is the best drug in the world and the least harmful. when i did shrooms it was like living in a dream. now let me tell u a little about it. i have spent monthes making my room look cool. i bought like 10 blacklight posters, all kinds of different gizmoses that spin, 2 blacklights, a strobe light, a disco ball, a spinning light ball, ect. i made it the PERFECT room to trip in. and let me tell u it was an expierence of a lifetime. i started late at like 12:00 is when i took them. it kicked in in about a half of an hour. at first it felt like the biggest beer buzz of my life, but than the illusions started to kick in. as i looked at the stars on my wall they started to move and spin all around. it was as if they were dancing all around me. than i stared into my blacklight for like 4 minutes. after when i looked around my room , everything i saw was the color of blacklight. it was amazing. my whole room was a dark purple/blue. there were no colors at all. as that wore off i stared deep into my posters. the colors on them were amazing. i looked at a rainbow on one of my posters and it started to chenge. the colors on it went from blue to green to orange to yellow and to red. than i looked outside and the clouds did the same thing even though it was dark out. than i looked at the trees and they were swaying back and forth. it was the sweetest thing ever. than i looked at some more trees and they began to get bigger and bigger. it was as if they were growing. i was like "wholy shit" shrooms r swwet. but soon i began to freak out and i couldnt look outside anymore because i was to scared to. for 2 hours i put a kleenex over my face and shut my eyes. i could see a million different designs with my eyes closed and it felt really good. than as i touched my skin it felt like it was melting. i wasnt scared though but it was pretty freaky. anyways a ton of other shit happened and shroom is tha shit so try them. peace

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