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Honky Tonky!

I had just eaten about 60 picked mushrooms, and i started to see the usual things.

I had just eaten about 60 picked mushrooms, and i started to see the usual things. THe grass started to swirl together and the clouds would move fast and then slow, and then fast again. they would move real fast as if in fast forward then whent the clouds would make a shape,(dragon, dog, face etc.) it would slow down for a while so i could see it. i closed my eyes and was greeted with red orange and green colors all swirling together. hten they all swirled together to form the word Honky tonky. i started to crack up and opened my eyes and realized that i was not on planet earth anymore. i was in heaven! (actually in a grassy field) but there were angels flying around stopping to say hello to me and good day. then a big fat one came over and said honky tonky! i realized then that angels called heaven not heaven, but honky tonky! i started to laugh and rolled over and realized that i was not on the ground but sitting on a cloud!i looked at my wings and flapped them. ( i would move my right leg and it would look like my wings were flapping) then i would take off and fly throught the air. over my school, over my house over everything!then i was sucked up into a black hole that came out of nowhere.it insantaneously transported my body to a room that was like the inside of a clear ball. no, more like a bubble cause there were rainbow swirls everywhere! i then discovered that i was sitting in a chair at a desk. i looked across the desk and saw god!(more like jesus but was god)i said "god, why do you bring me to this perfect place? is it because i love you?" and god said, "yes, i love you and i trust you!" i want you to be the owner of honky tonky!" oh dear god, i couldnt accept such a gift!" believe me you can, for you are a , HAN A SHINKY, SOINKY PAW, TOONKY WOONKY, KOINKY KAWWWWWW!( in a sing song voice)why thank you god! that is so generous of you!but you know that you arent really god now are you? yes i am god dammit! no you arent! you are jsut a soinky poinky trying to bring me down to china town! you must be the devil!by then i was really tripin out! just didnt know where i was or anything. i was lost physically and mentally i couldnt see through all the bright colors i was jsut ingulfed in the colors!i then thought that i must be drowning in a rainbow! yeah i was! i started to flail my arms about trying to swim but i couldnt get to the top! i was almost out of breath! then i feinted and woke up on the beach with a mermaid caressing my body. she said"you are lost, you must find honky tonky befor it is to late." then i said"but i already have!"and we had wild crazy sex!i had a mental orgasm as well as physical 'cause i later found out that i had creamed my pants. but it was awesome. i then started to come back down. i was now in a grocery stor and left as fast as i could 'cause i didnt know what anyone had seen me do!it took me a while to recover but i sooner got over it. but next time i am going to be more carful about how i dose 'cause i dont want that to happen again!
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