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I WAS IN HELL!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, It was on a friday afternoon when i had the worst trip that i think anyone could experince.

Hello everyone,

It was on a friday afternoon when i had the worst trip that i think anyone could experince. School had just ended for the weekend but i was in an awful mood because my girlfriend had been raped the day before and she had just dumped me about 15 minutes before i tripped.

I was outside of a mcdonalds (Next to my school) and was waiting for the bus to arrive in about 20 minutes. Now my buddies were all smoking pot and a couple of them had shrooms'. So one kid offers me some and i gladly accept, i had to have eaten about 6 grams from this kid that i didnt even know and begain talking to him. We chatted about trippin' for a little bit and he pulled out a joint and asked if i wanted to spark up. Now the weird thing about this joint is that it was a dark orange color but i said screw it and lit it up. Together we passed it around and smoked the whole thing by each other and to make a long stoy short the joint was laced with a conciderable amount of PCP!!!!!! But i didnt know that at the time.

Now we hear out bus arrive and we begain to run to catch it. To make the bus we had to cross a busy intersection and the light was green so traffic was blocking the way. As i neared the intersection i relized that i could not stop my legs from running!!!! OH SHIT!!!!! Luckly, the kid grabbed me by the shit collar and asked if i was allright.

Now were on the bus, and i was going to school in chicago so most of the bus riders were black Gang bangers who carried guns to school on a regular basis. As i made my way to my seat my friends all asked if i was trippin because my pupils were fucking huge....


I was in my seat and fell asleep in a few minutes. I was acuatually inside of my dream. I was laying in the middle of a room that was compleatly black... no walls, no doors, just black. I stood up and begain to hear voices in my head saying "Steves been bad for long enough... Take him into hell" and that was followed by a wickied sounding laugh!!! I begain to scream and run around the room, but i felt as if i was running while submurged in water cause i was moving so slow. I must have ran for an hour until i was a bright light and then ran stright into it. I fell into the light and the next thing i know i was back on the bus, instead this time everyone was on fire and decapitated heads hung from the ceiling.

Now i stood up and screaming "Oh my god im in hell" and ran to the back of the bus where all the gang bangers were. I begain screaming at them and trying to kill them because i thought they were demons because there faces were melting (Witnesses say that all of the black kids begain to move away from me in terror because they really did think that i had a demon inside of me). I ran to the back of the bus and broke a widow with my hand and then proceeded to climb out because i thought the bus was taking me into hell. My friend bill luckly grabbed me and pulled me inside of the bus and as i fell to the ground it felt like i was falling for miles and when i hit the ground i felt no pain. Now i completely went into a trance and i felt like i was acuattly inside of hell for aporxomently 5 years. inside i saw demons and even famouse people like Jimi Hendrix and Willaim blake but they were all in agony and pain. I felt no pain but everything around be was so real looking that i still belive that i was really in hell for all that time. Which was acuaually 15 minutes because the fall knocked me out.

When i awoke the police had escorted me to the hospital and was still tripping hard. I saw bees come out of my moms hair, hands come out of the wall and constint voices in my head that were telling me that one day i would die and go to hell.

This is much more to explain but if i tried i would be here all day so ill just leave it at this. good day

(After that incident i never touched drugs for a year and now i only trip while on ectasy because the X helps me think positavly)

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