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It was Saturday night and my friend M and I each took 5g of homegrown B+ strain in dried and ground up put in capsules.

It was Saturday night and my friend M and I each took 5g of homegrown B+ strain in dried and ground up put in capsules. We went over to this kid's house to take bong hits until we started to come up, then we went back to my house to smoke the bong more and wait for my mom to come home with my beer. As I was sitting in my room I noticed it started to look like a circus since everything was in motion crawling and shifting and dancing around..
We were listening to Black Sabbath and I was starting to wonder how much more fucked up things were going to get since I felt like it was getting stronger every second.

All of a sudden I heard the garage door open and ran upstairs to get my beer. I got my beer and ran back downstairs but my mom made me come up to talk to her, she immediately noticed my eyes were huge and bugged out and suspected told me not to leave the house. I really started trippen out and told her fine I ate a gram of shrooms I bought from someone (I didn't want them to suspect I grew it) and made her promise not to tell my dad. She did and she asked why I kept talkin to her while she was watching TV. The show Cops came on and I heard them talking about me and they said they were coming to my house, I ran downstairs and started picking up jars and looking at the shrooms that were growing, then my mom yelled from upstairs something about it only being hollywood and it calmed me down. My friend and I were still smoking bowls and now at this point started to drink a little to ease the drymouth cause we wanted to get drunk when we came down. I went back upstairs at another point and all of these dudes with different colored hair were yelling my name out on TV and breaking stuff and they told me they had hidden camera's in one of my cats (who can't use it's legs) eyes and in anyone I knew who had different colored hair. My brother called and I answered it and the guy on TV said he could hear me even though I couldn't hear him on the line and he walked up to some random french girl and started talkin to her in french and then he brought a torch to her and said he would set her on fire unless I told the truth..I didn't know what he was talking about so I ran downstairs to my room away from my mom and to my friend.

We smoked more and I layed down on my bed and zoned off while my friend sat in a chair. Now my parents are really against me trippen and by this point my mom knew what was going down, so she came to check on me one more time and she said she walked in and I was staring wide eyed unblinking at one corner of the ceiling and that my heart was racing and I didn't respond to any talk or movement. They began slapping me in the face and I still wouldn't respons so they threw me in a cold shower. All while this was going on I remember being so gone in my head, first I was thinking about the universe and I was trying to figure out the best thing for me to be doing and feeling so lost I all of a sudden realized I had died since I heard my parents saying so much about overdose, and I realized I was in eternity and death is not the ending of one point but a cycle a non-stop neverending phase, and I was being shown my whole life over again and everything ironic and funny. Lots of people popped into my mind and said things to me, my gimp cat was purring and coming up to me but I thought she was in on a conspiracy, and I thought my brother was satan and had caused this over the phone for a while. I was saying the most fucked up things to my parents while they were there about Bart Simpson and Barbara Streissand (guess I saw it on TV when I went upstairs) and I even asked my friend if he wanted to smoke a bowl right in front of my mom. I remember things going through my head about everything in the world convering to one point and serious time loops. I flashbacked to things that happened and saw them all as glitches in some kind of system and that was causing whatever was going on. My mom took the beer and pot after they told me to lay down and my friend too. After they left we went and found the pot and beer and had the best body buzz from tripping so hard just hours ago and now just relaxing. I learned alot from this trip, especially not to trip around parents and that no matter how hard you try sometimes the trip just makes you lay down and leave your body per se. Even though it was scary at points and it was one of my strongest trips, I still enjoyed it. I will deffenetely respect mushrooms more in the future, especially 5g of homegrown ones.

Keep tripping..
Eric - buckwild@hushmail.com

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