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Scariest Trip Ever

It was my second time shrooming and I only ate a little more than half an eighth and drank one beer to chase it with.

It was my second time shrooming and I only ate a little more than half an eighth and drank one beer to chase it with. About 30 minutes after I ate them I was feeling giggly and "high". The high feeling got stronger as the night went on. About 2 hours after I ate them I was standing in front of a convienience store with my friend smoking a cigarette and just talking. As I finished my cigarette I started to feel like I was going to pass out so I started walking slowly towards the car to sit down before I really did pass out. The next thing I knew i was falling down a hole with faces of my friends and people I knew swirling all around me and weird music playing and lights and colors flashing everywhere, it felt like it was going on for hours but according to my friend it was only a few minutes. I woke up in the front seat of the car, the guy working in the store ran out and helped me into the car and gave me a free coke. By then I was so scared of what had happened that I felt like I was going to die and begged my friend to take me to the hospital, he just told me I was fine and I was just having a bad trip and everything I'm seeing is just the shrooms and it'll wear off. I was seeing little purple glowing blobs crawling around me everywhere. He took me to a gas station nearer to home and called up my best friend (female) who came and told me I was fine and hugged me and made me feel better, a little while later a lot of people showed up and I was feeling fine just sitting in the car drinking water and listening to music. The next day I learned that it wasn't a bad trip, it was just that I wasn't expecting it. I heard several of the reasons that it happened were because I wasn't expecting it, or because I was tired from working all day and thinking about sleeping, whatever it was I hope it never happens again. If you have any reasoning for this write me at TLather@aol.com and make the subject "shrooms" so I don't delete it for junkmail.

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