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Insanity, literally

Well it was my first time shrooming in about six months, so I was stoked.

Well it was my first time shrooming in about six months, so I was stoked. I got two ounces of some bad ass lookin shrooms. The guy who grew em warned me "I only eat an eighth at a time, and that's pushing it." So I'm like, yeah whatever they're some bomb shrooms, being very skeptical. Well I sold the two ounces in under an hour, and saved a fatty sack for myself. I heard everyone talking about how crazy they were the next day before i took mine. "damn i shroomed harder off a half eighth of these, than a quarter of the last ones i ate. So I'm like...damn....these must be bomb ass shrooms.

So somehow my friend ends up with a house to chill at, that i've never been to before....with mirrors all over the place...and we're the only ones there except for his chick friend. He was coming down when i ate mine, which was about midnight. I ate about three grams to start out with (which was already too much but i didnt know it) ...and about a half hour later we're chillin about back smokin weed ...smokin ciggs....and everything changes its shape...i start laughin my ass off...havin a good time..shroomin...and eat the other half of my sack right away....people came in and out for about an hour...stoppin by...say whats up...then my friend goes upstairs to fuck this chick...while im shroomin my ass off....losing connection with reality...going unconscious....and i wake back up....and the lights are all off....and the bone collector is on ....so im sittin in the dark thinkin queen latifah is talking to me from the bone collector....till the other half of the sack kicks in....

I had just dyed my hair black that night, so i look in one of the mirrors across from me, then back to the tv....and for some reason thought i was having a heart attack....started going crazy...then BOOM....went insane....indescribable experience....forgot how to talk....couldnt walk....i would come out of insanity for about five minutes....then somethin on the movie would provoke me going insane again....i think it was just the scary music getting faster and faster then BOOM ..insane...i thought i figured out that reason i was on earth...the reason i was named "nick" ....when i'd come back to reality...i was so scared and confused...that i pressed cell phone buttons trying to get my friend upstairs to hear me...i thought i had to come up with a new way of communication....so i made noises with the cell phone....

So at about 3:30am i regained sanity, and walked over to the bathroom(mistake)....so i walk in....look in the mirror...cant even see what my face looks like...take a piss....flush the toilet...then all the sudden....the rapid sound of the toilet flushing....provoked me to go insane again...i dont remember going insane that time..i just remember waking up on the couch...with the cell phone in my hands.....there's probably a total of about 2 hours that i dont remember during that trip that night.....finally my friend comes downstairs...and asks "what the fuck were you doing, i heard the cell phone doing all kinda shit" ...and i said "i dont know just stay down here i dont wanna go back to where i was" ....and just chilled on the couch the rest of the night till i fell asleep ....theres much more that happened in that trip....but you'll never know until you've experienced it yourself.....i learned a good lesson....listen to the hook up, especially if he's done the drug a buncha times...he oughtta know what to expect...so thats why he warns you ...all in all...im glad i had the opportunity to expand my mind to places that are impossible for you to understand until youve been there ....well RATE MY SHIT 5 ...haha...i deserve it after that shit...peace out...big nick

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