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DEATH Rehearsal


Indeed... the awesome and enchanting Psychedelic Experience is a Death Rehearsal. It is the coaching for the forthcoming ultimate voyage of dying.
This is what happened to me in the Solstice day (coincidentally and eclipse of the Sun). I ate 6 grams of cubensis chasing for the heroic experience, but once i got there i fainted. I got scared and i lost the world from my feet. It came SO strong that my ego got expunged. I started walking around the room like a lunatic, I could sense that my heart would stop in any minute and that was enough to bring a panic but with an undertow of infinite bliss. It was paradox. I was enjoying my suffering, just because i could feel more humane and more self-realized.
In my delirium i gave up my struggling and i lied down with trust to the Spirit. I had no other choice. If it is die, it is to die. I realized that most basic decision in one's life, that is, to die, is taken by Something else. The only reaction that left on my menu was to be humble and accept what ever would come.
Once i lied down i felt like sinking, there was a some kind strange gravity. The gravity of Death. I was sinking in a submarine universe, where matter was water, gas! There was an astonishing plasticity both to my mind and to matter. I could hear hyperspatial sounds with an amazing, kaleidoscopic distortion. They were as if coming from submarine and the fact that i was sinking towards those sounds and those eerie Lights gave me an ecstatic fear. Wolves were shouting in the twilight of my heart. Waves of love dressed me and the swirling feeling was clinging from panic to nausea to freedom to cosmosis. It was fluctuating wildly as if it was a daemonic stalion, as if an elephant sat on my head.
The colors were TRULY cartoonisic. It was beyond comprehension, it seemed that the inner layers of the Hyperspatial Supersphere were literally fantastic. I realized that the physical universe is nothing but the "frozen" shell of such a Supersphere and the inside is increasingly more paradisical, more dream-like as you get deeper=======
Yes, Astrastroom says that we are nothing but travellers towards the Center of the Cosmos, the Divine Nuclear, the Core of the Overmind.
No worries, a great mystery is around the corner and we all make a step every day towards it. The Rendezvous with Cosmic Mama. The anticipation for the Big Love. The Ultimate Eros with the Unknown.
That thought brought a mesmerizing serenity and with trust i gave up my struggles. I realized that i should be friend with Death and that was what the Experience was indicating me. I was preparing my self for the ultimate departure.
Instantly, i transcended the fabric of my personality while something was making a UFO sound outside my window. Reality got stunningly bizarre!

Today i know. That was a ritualistic death rehearsal and fellows, this is what it should be for all of us. Mushrooms are not for fun. It is very serious "business" you know. It is to peep in the Eternity through the keyhole.

The Universe is truly fantastic, a look on the starry summer sky that Solstice night convinced me.
Death is our friend.... no! our lover...

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