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Potent Shrooms

This was my best shroom experience ever and I`ve been doing them for about 4 years.

This was my best shroom experience ever and I`ve been doing them for about 4 years.

DATE: middle of may 2001
TIME: 7pm-2am
PLACE: cabin out in the forest
SHROOMS: psilocybe cubensis/azurescens
AMOUNT:15 grams psilocybe cubensis,6 grams azurescens

Allright this is how it all started,I was talking to my cousin on the phone and he asked me if I wanted to go camping with him and another friend at my uncles cabin. He told me to bring some shrooms, because my cousins friend had some psilocybe azurescens and I had plenty that I grew my self. So about a week later we were on our way. It only took an hour to get there. It was about 4pm when we arrived,my cousin brought an once of bud so we sparked a couple bowls out of my new pyrex.About an hour later I asked to see those shrooms.He had about 6 grams of azrurescens, I brought 10 grams of cubes,and my cusin came through with about 5 grams of cubes. We all decided to put the shrooms together and divide it into 3.So we all got about 5 grams of cubes(dried),and 2 grams of the more potent azurescens(dried).We gulped all the shrooms down with some orange juice and thats when the adventure started.

About 30 minutes after we downed them I started getting a great body high,then about 10 minutes later I was walking around the cabin and the floor started spinning around in a slow motion.A minute later i was looking at the wall and it started to breathe in and out. I went over there to touch the wall. I stuck my hand out and saw a rainbow following my it everywhere i went.This was getting good and i had only been tripping for a half hour.I went to go sit down by my cousin and his friend,but as i was looking at them they started melting into the couch. I sat down anyway and asked if they were trippinng. They were like fuck yeah. All of us sat there for at least an hour just looking around at the cabin. It was abot 10pm and all of us were peaking. I looked at the T.V and the screen was melting out onto the ground. I was observing myself and discovered that my arm was melting, I got scared but I calmed myself down.It was now about 11pm and I went to take a look outside. As I looked at this tree branch it started doing some weird shit. Then I realized that it had just morphed into a snake. I ran inside and discovered that the cabin was colored like a rainbow,the walls,ceiling,floor,everything. Then the the walls started to breathe again,and it was still colored like a rainbow. I went and sat down for a half hour just watching the cabin,it was amazing. It was about 12am now and i was coming down a little. My cousin and his friend were still tripping real hard,they were probably tripping harder then i was. For about an hour straight the whole cabin was spinning in a circle, then after that i came down around 2am.I hope u liked my trip.

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