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Borderline Spaz

this was my third time to does with mushrooms and my 5th trip alltogether.

this was my third time to does with mushrooms and my 5th trip alltogether...me and my friend wolfgang got a sack of just straight stems from another friend and we went to his house that night to make some tea

we did and we drank
it seems like it was reall soon that it started to kick in
first i got all settled in because i was just feeling awsome everything was just flowing and glowing and it was turing out to be a good level three trip

then i went to the bathroom to take a piss and i got lost in the mirror, i love looking in the mirror because i always look so cool...i musta been in there for at least 30 minutes and i went back to wolfgangs room who wasn't even buzzing from the tea...i think because he has a tolerance to em he thinks so too

we went to sit in his car to burn one and thats when i realized that it was a little stronger trip...i started noticing little kids hanging out in the floor board and i was unable to communicate correclty

we went inside and i fetaled up on the bed because moving was starting to become out of the question, closing my eyes didn't help either i couldn't escape to beautiful 3d patterns and shapes, when i closed my eyes it was stronger and more intense smiling faces glaring eyes dancing flying fire ( i thinK)

i tried listeing to music but it was hard because even when the music was turned down it sounded like it was up full blast and i was lying next to it but it was still really awsome the door jambs and the tv were standing and sitting and there were over 30 people mostly midgets and members of the blue man group standing around tripping with me

at the peak i fell back on the bed and just stopped communicating for an hour or so wolfgang told me that he was telling me to watch the tv and i that i would say is i can't or i don't know i was lost in my own cosmic mushroom field...it was great

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