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celestial chorus

Well, i ordered 30 grams of amanitas from a certain "poisonous non-consumables" place and decided taht i was going to split them with my freind marlowe.

Well, i ordered 30 grams of amanitas from a certain "poisonous non-consumables" place and decided taht i was going to split them with my freind marlowe. we opened the bag of mushrooms and were greeted by a smell that we could only describe as "rotton sex". we werent sure if we could take it, but with the help of his trusty blender and and some OJ we managed to gulp down our halves.

he had never done mushrooms before and this was my first amanita trip, so we both had really no idea what was in store for us. it started out different then cubensis in that we felt exremely drunk, and our sensory skills were quite numb. walking was an arduous task but we stumbled around the house into the kitchen where we started making a whip cream pie... we decorated it with cereal and it started doing a sort of "breathing" thing like when your on acid. we put on a cd ATBs "moving melodies" and camped down in the living room. this is when the real trip began.

i started to feel like i was melding into the couch and it was an uncomfortable feeling so i moved onto the floor, staring at the fan... but the fan wasnt what i was interested in. i suddenly was concentrating on trying to have my spirit leave my body, so i could free myself (and i was expressing this vocally to marlowe) but i couldnt seem to find an exit from my person... i could feel my spirit bunch up and try to push out of my body, leaving some parts empty and other parts extra full... it was when i was doing this probing that i noticed in my mind another presence probing the outside of my body. i wasnt sure if it could find a way in but i decided to welcome it to try, and as i asked it to come in, i felt it sift through my torso and fill up the left side of body... i was amazed... i couldnt feel the left side of me! i opened my eyes and saw my left arm of its own acord feeling the surounding area... when i closed my eyes again i saw that it wanted to trade places with me... it asked if i wouldnt mind being pushed out for just a little while... i thought about it and made sure it would let me back in, and it assured me. so i began the task of trying to leave my body again, but this time i felt the otehr being help push me out of my forehead... i was in total blackness, swimming, i opened only what i can describe as my "spiritual eye" and i was floating in the ether space of freinds house... the music was deafening and i decided that there was no place better to go than up. so up i went... i flew through the ceiling and up through the clouds into space, i was in a nebulae of some sort and the music still filled the air, but this time i couldnt recognise it... it was beautiful though, a celestial chorus playing for me. soon i felt that i had spent my time well and i should head back to see what the spirit was doing with my body. i floated down, rather quickly back into the house and i was over my smiling body on the couch (i guess the being decided to lay down up there). my spiritual eye closed as i sifted back into my body (and i didnt feel the other presence) and i soon began to recognise the sounds in the room as my cd. it was around then that i got up and felt the need to drive home. i still felt incredibally drunk but my driving skills werent all that impaiered (and there wasnt much traffic at 4 am).

so i layed down in bed next to my wife for a dreamless sleep. i woke up the nest day feeling born again, like i had experienced something sacred.

this was something i think i will have to repeat in the future :)

Love, peace
Tod Casil

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