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My first shrooms

I was in Louisianna last week and we were pretty bored until we met this guy who told us of these mushrooms growing out in cowfields.

I was in Louisianna last week and we were pretty bored until we met this guy who told us of these mushrooms growing out in cowfields. He woke us up the next day, after it rained, and we went tromping through the pasture. He showed us the bad shrooms and to only get the yellow caps with purple skirts. 2 hours later we had picked a full wal-mart bags worth and we were ready to go to his house. I was thinking about Super Mario Brothers and had eaten seven caps out in the field (I am also a notorious cokehead). We got to his house and boiled the shrooms in pantyhose and water. We squeezed the shroom juice into the pot and tossed the pantyhose. We then mixed the juice with kool-aid. He told us that we were going to be fucked up with one glass... My friend and I drank 2 glasses. 10 minutes later I was frying. I sat out in the rain and watched the grass move. After a while I moved to the back porch and watched the rain. That is when I had my vision... I saw decaying animals, buildings, trees. I then saw baby birds, new houses, and green grass. I realized that the earth was just a cycle and that our human exsistance is our "moment" of conciousness.
A little while later my friends came out and we talked about techno music. I felt hungry and we went to a pizza place. BAD IDEA! We finally made it there and I was starting to peak. I smoked a cigarette and went inside. This girl looked at me like I was crazy and asked what I wanted. I replied, "I'm from missouri". She looked at me even more crazy and I said, "I want some pizza." She told me it was $7. I gave her some money and got change back. I grabbed a tray and threw 2 pieces down. The place was crowded and I came to learn that eating is impossible while tripping. I choked down 1 bite and felt as if I was going to puke. I ran out and my friend followed me, leaving my 2 other friends in the pizza place. We sat in the car and talked about how we were fucked. It started pouring down rain and thundering. My friend, who was still inside, had left the car keys in the car. My friend inside the car flipped out and told me that we had to go. He started the car and took off with me in the backseat screaming fo him to stop. He couldn't figure out the windshield wipers so he stuck his head out the window. After 10 blocks I convinced him to stop at this gas station. He parked in the middle and ran out of the car. I jumped to the drivers seat knowing that I needed to move the car out of everyones way. I was so out of proportion and ended up parking in the truck parking. I figured fuck it, at least we aren't in everyones way. I ran around the gas staion looking for my friend. I couldn't find him and it started hailing. He finally showed up and said that he was trying to call his sister and that the operator told him to stop dialing 1. I knew he was fucked up as bad as I was so I grabbed some change from my pocket and the phone number. I got a hold of her fiance and told him, "We got drunk... took car... in front of waffle hous... next to sonic..." he was confused and I hung up. I figured that he wopuld figure it out. So for 45 minutes, we sat in the stolen car smoking cigarettes and waited. They showed up and took us back to where we were staying and we went straight to our room and chilled out while everyone bitched in the living room. Eventually my othe friends came over and laughed at us, even though thier car was trashed. The guy who showed me shrooms then asked, "What are you doing tommorrow?"

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