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A Night in Heaven

I took about an 1/8 of the shrooms, but they must have been the craziest shrooms I ever had in my life.

I took about an 1/8 of the shrooms, but they must have been the craziest shrooms I ever had in my life. Although the visual effects were quite mild, the mental and spiritual trip more than made up for it. About an hour after I started tripping, after experiencing level 2 and 3 effects for that time, I told all my friends that I was on a mission and i had to leave. I ran outside and drove home despite their urgings that I couldn't drive tripping. I got home safely (thank God) and I ran into my dad's room, (my dad in his day was a big tripper and also is a very spiritual person). I woke him up (this was at like 3 am) and said "dad im tripping on mush and I have to talk to you. We went into another room and sat down on a couch. I started to bawl like a baby as I described to him what I was experiencing. I had a total loss of ego, and I was no longer inhibited by any physical feelings or desires, and therefore I was completely in touch with ALL of my subconsious on a very very concious level. Time was moving in slow motion and it felt as if all matter was like putty that I could manipulate. I felt as if I was totally in the spiritual realms and I could look through people and see their souls. I was able to point out several brilliant things about certain people (which all turned out to be true later). I was experiencing reality on a completely amazing level. If life normally is like reading a book, this was like being in the biggest movie theater ever with loud digital sound and vibrant color. I figured out the answers to every single question or doubt that I had ever had in my entire life. I was so overwhelmed by the speed and amount of simultaneous revelations that I was stuttering and crying and shaking and sweating. It was the most beautiful intense experience of my life, and it has changed me totally forever. I didn't go to sleep all that night and all the next day. Actually, in the early morning as I was coming off my trip, I felt so calm and at peace with the world and everyone in it. I went for a job which soon turned in to a run and I think that I was able to focus on the running so much that I ran so fast my vision started to funnel in front of me and I swear I broke every oylimpic record, literally. (I happen to be in pretty good shape and I exersize daily). They say that just as humans only use about 5 or 10 percent of thier brains, we also only use about 5 or 10 percent of our physical ability. Because of my ego-less state and my high concentraition and focus abilities, I was able to tune out all the physical pain and strain from my muscles. It was so intense. I kept falling asleep at work the next day, but I am a totally different person for the experience. And for anyone who has doubts about spirituality or religion or God, I was there and I actually saw all of it. You don't have to take my work for it though. GO TRIP!

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