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tialand chocolate 2

This is my revised version of a trip report that I had summited a month or two ago intitled Thialand chocolate.

This is my revised version of a trip report that I had
summited a month or two ago intitled Thialand
chocolate. This reversion is a little bit more detaild in
what realy happend in my head that crazy nite.So if you
would please take your time and read my storie I would
realy appiciete it thank you and injoy the storie.

This my storie about the first time I ever ate shrooms &
the bad trip that I had.

It all started when my friend J came down from
Portland to Eugene to visit me and my friend greg.
My friend J cultivates cubensis in his bedroom & so
when he told me that he had some shrooms with him I
was like thats cool but I realy didn't think much of it.For
the past year and a half I had probably consumed at
least 50 to 60 hits of acid and what heard from other
people is that mushrooms were just a little bit weeker
then cid,& I was about to find out how wrong they realy

We were all at my house,Me J greg, gregs girlfriend
Lauren and my brother nate.around 8pm J busted out a
tupperware container full of solid chocolate.He said that
he had put about 21 grams of Thailand cubensis in the
chocolate. We pulled the chocolate out of the contianer
and cut it up into 6 different pieces. rite after it was cut
I realized that there was one piece that was a little bit
bigger than the rest. So me thinking that I can pretty
handle anything I grab the big one.Everybody else
grabed a
slice of chocolate and started gruben.Then we smoked
a fat bowl of some kron.Then nate said that he was
going to take a shower & me J greg and Lauren went
for a walk.We all walked down to the ponds at the end
of the road.We started a fire in the fire pit & loaded like
twenty sack of dankness in to the bubbler and strait
reefed and bullshitted for a little bit. Then we all started
to to trip out .The fire looked like it was floating above
the pit we all tripped out on that for like ten minutes then
we started to walk back down the street.We all walked
up to gregs house cause greg only lived two houses
down from me. J and I decided we were going walk to
the store and greg and Lauren went inside.As we were
walking down past my house I saw Nate standing on
the front porch smoking a
cigarette.we went up and talked to him.Nate said that
he puked and his stomach wasn't feeling good so we
went inside and matched him a cupple bowls.I was
sitting there leaning agents the fireplace. I looked
across the room and I saw my recliner start to vibe
around and sending shock waves all over the place.I
said that this has to be the highest I've ever fucking
been in my entire fucking life.Nate said,nah DMT was
way beyond this.I said, “well danm”. J got up and said
that he was going back to gregs and he wanted to know
if I was going with him. By this time I was so deep into a
intensepsychedelic haze I was starring at my ceiling
and mutterd something shit like fukin shit man
muthafuka crist. J said what ever and left.I was laying
there on the floor with my hand on my face with my
fingers spread out watching the ceiling mash around.I
was mad sweating.I stood up and sat in the recliner.I
was thinking about how fucked up
my house was.(see I live with a some people who realy
dont like picking up after them selfs and the place was
pretty messy so I think it wasnt realy a good seen to be
in being all wierded out & fully twisted on shrooms for
the first time).I guese thats when the trip started to go
down hill. I thought well shit this is fucken crazy. I ran
my hand over the top of my head to the back of it and it
felt as if I could not feel the top of my head.That realy
fucking tripped me out.I felt as if i was loosing my
fucking mind.I started to think to my self outloud in a
whispering voice.I was whispering shit like it keeps
fucking with my sences its fucking with my head I think
i’m getting the fear fucking shit. Then I rammbled on
about some crazy nonsence for like 15 minuttes then
Nate started to get pissed off at me and said why don't
you go back to gregs I said OK.I got up and walked out
the door.When I walked out the door I realized that the
sky was neon pink and my grass was neon green and
the houses looked like they were just melting intencly
like wax melting down the side of a candle. then I
looked down and saw that my arms were neon green
also.I turned around and ran back in my house I looked
at Nate and Nate looked at me and I said JESUS
CHRIST every thing was pink and green and falling
apart.Nate rolled off the couch onto the floor
and starded busting up laughing. even tho I wanted to
laugh I got pissed off and said its not fucking funny and
went and sat back down in the chair.Nate said ok man
what ever. I asked Nate for a cigarette and he gave me
one.I lit it up and took a few drags.it felt like the smoke
went write through me.I
couldn't even Finnish it.I said ok I'm going back to
gregs.I walked out on my porch and everything turned
pink & green & what not but I said fuck it I can do this so
I started to walk down the sidewalk.I got in front of
gregs and it felt like I could see my self from a outer
body point of view walking up in greg yard I got about 4
feet from gregs bedroom window and I flew back into
my body.I was rite there at greg window I tap on it.I
started to breath very heavily and it felt as if like every
thing was rushing at me at a 100 mph. I cant even
explain fear I felt.greg opened his window I said help,
help me I need help blahhh and I puked write there.
gregs paranoid ass said to go and puke somewhere
else J came to the window and said that your having a
bad trip and that I should try and sleep it off I said OK
and started to walk back to my house. I walked strait to
my moms room and lied downon her bed.(mom gets
off work at 11:30.)the room started to get smaller and
smaller.I had this over welming intence fear that had
been brought upon me by theese evil ass shrooms. I
got on knees and started to pray to God for
forgiveness.After I was done praying I walked out into
the living room and sat back in the recliner.Nate asked
me if I was all write I said I don't know.I told Nate that I
think I'm going to die.I said that I think that I'm so high
that I'm never coming back down.Nate said that if I keep
saying that you never will.I said fuck you man don't say
that shit. rite then greg & J walked in.Greg was all
bouncing around whit a big smile on his face.he looked
at me said that it was ok .I said,“is it,is it realy”. greg
said ya it is.lets go back to my house. I said ok.We went
back to gegs and and smoked weed til we fell asleep.

I was in total awh the next day of what happend the
night before.I realize that I underestimated the power of
the shroom and that you half to understand what you
are getting your self into before you get into it.

The next day Lauren asked me if that I would ever eat
shrooms again.I said,”hell yeh”.its almost bean a year
sence then and I have shroomed at least ten times
“some times a bad trip is not a bad thing, what dose
not kill you only make you stronger”

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