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Jon in wonderland

I had just gone and bought about a 1/2 of some high potency shit I cut up a quarter chopped it up and placed it in a taco bell burrito.

I had just gone and bought about a 1/2 of some high potency shit I cut up a quarter chopped it up and placed it in a taco bell burrito. I munched it down. My friends all said I
Needed so much because I had tripped LSD so many times but mike and jp only had a 1/8 each. we sat around and watched TV until it kicked in. About a half an hour later it came on really strong I looked over and the pile of coats we threw on the ground on the way in my leather coat rose up a little bit and started talking to me. I started getting really freaked out so I went to the bathroom to throw some water on my face wile looking in the mere the water turned almost a purple shade and then my face turned blue. I was starting to like the effects that were happening. I went into my room and put on my DJ micro CD and turned on my black light at once looking at my black light lines were flowing through it then it started coordinating with it like a CD players digital volume gauge it was so tight. mike and jp could see the same thing. I knew we had to watch my favorite movie, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. (If you haven’t seen it I highly suggest it)(also pink Floyd the wall) about half the way through it we stopped to go get some air and go smoke a fatty at the park across from my house. While smoking we were talking about our girlfriends and shit like that when mike was talking it quickly turned into blah blah blah I couldn’t understand a word he said. I had this happen to me once while tripping acid and I think it was from listening to my techno music. When this affect happened I was able to say a word in my head 3-4 times and it would sound as though a DJ or machine was saying it like relax, Confucian and revolution. When walking in the park it seemed as though the trees were swirling and twisting. It was getting kind of late and if the cops caught in this state of mind we would be fucked. so we got back to the house, my brother tom just got home and he asked me if I wanted to buy some A. he had some bomb liquid so we each got a hit, he said mixing goomies and acid would bring on four times the effects and he was right. In my house we have a lot of pictures forest and nature and walking through it felt just like like walking in the woods. I have never tripped this hard before I was dripping sweat so I took a shower. The water was every color imaginable and it was so cleansing. After that we broke out the glow sticks and the photons(for those of you who don’t know what photons are the sane like a low powered laser mostly used at raves or discos. I got the most insane trails from it we played Anthony acid while we danced. Mike said my pupils were huge so I went to the bathroom to check it out my pupils where extending much past the blue and into the whites. They had never gotten so big even when I’m rolling x I hadn’t seen them that big. All of a suddenly my neck looked as though it was separating from my head and it started floating. And I thought I heard my heart beat stop. I quickly went into a state of panic. I ran into my room and had JP check for my heart beat and he said that nothing was wrong with me. So I sat back and watched them dance for a while. Then we smoked a blunt with tom and watched pink Floyd the wall into the urly hours of the morning until we all fell asleep. And that was my incredible trip.

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