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First trip......HYPE!!!

I finally had my hands on a gram of shrooms after about two months of flop links.

I finally had my hands on a gram of shrooms after about two months of flop links. I had planned to do them at my friends house. Other people where coming but I was the only one "magicing". So i got there at about 6 o clock. My friend just bought GTA 5, and we played it unit we got hungry. thats when i deside i would start eatin them. they tasted really bad so i chewed them with some pixy stick.3 out of my other 5 friends started drinkin before we went to mc D's. It was a long was and when I got there i was feelin sick in my stomach. My 3 drunk friends where hollering at some girls while me and the 2 other sobber ppl just laughed. By that time my legs where feeling a bit wobbily. We exited Mc D's in a good mood, and just for jokes drunk firend #1 decided to smack a car as it drove passed us. IT hit the bracks and did a u=turn. OH SHIT i thought. It chased us but we gangstas so we didnt run. The driver was like "wtf! why u hit my car, blah blah blah". WE just laugh and say fuck u cuz there was 6 of us and 1 of him. However, i did fell kinda scared. Everything was becoming surreal and i felt detached from wat was happening. Just after the run in with the fag in the car, i started thinking that none of it really happened and that i immagined it all! I got scared and asked sobre friend #1 but he assured me that it really did happen. Ight thats cool, so we keep walking and laughing and joking. Once we got back to my friends house I put on some west side gangsta rap and staight chilled. IT was HYPE! the music sounded so GANGSTA! all I could do was bob my head and become one with the beat. lool. (yes "lool") ANYWAYS the shrooms was really kickin in so i decided to go have a look in the mirror cuz i heard thats a must when trippin. The first thing i noticed was the size of my pupils. they where huge! the longer i looked at them the bigger they seemed to be. it was cool. I when back outside of the b-room and my already drunk friends was drinking even more. My head head felts so clear and all of my drunk friends' actions seemed immature. I sat down on the comp to talk to some homies and bitches on msn. I looked down at may hand i it shrunk and twisted and morphed before my very eyes! I was really cool. I wdanced around to the gangsta rap and i felt imperialto all. Suddenly a drunk muh fucka turned on the lights and evrything was so bright. I felt that when the lights whent out the party stoped. i was pissed. i wanted to kill him. but its all good so i didnt. anyway thats about it.
shrooming is an experiance that should not be missed!!!

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