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our 1st time

the day started with me and like 8 of our friends who were all down to shroom for their first time.

the day started with me and like 8 of our friends who were all down to shroom for their first time. (WRONG MOVE!!!)
So we took our eigths each in capsule form and went to a nearby beach. We ate them at around 6 so we could watch the sun come down but the shit didnt hit us until the last speck of the sun was already down (bad luck!)

Still being able to logically think we decided staying at the beach would be lame because the sun was gone and it would start getting way dark,so we booked it to a nearby park. Now this friend of ours who was the one of the 2 sober guys, takes us straight into a bust! We drive in to a parking lot for a park with a cop waiting there.

But at this point there are 8 people tripping balls with 2 sober guys trying to take control.

This is where I ran into my first 2 major problems of the night. Im in the car with one of our sober friends while everyone else is running around this park screaming "this is sooooooo cool!"

My FIRST problem was where we were parked. I had shotgun and we were parked by the curb where the bushes were right outside my door. Now I was convinced that they would attack me if i opened my door and i was not gonna budge. They were already creeping and crawling and I felt as if they were going to come in thru the cracks of the car. So I told my friend to go get my boyfriend because i still had my faith in him. So he went into the park and got him and he came to my window (the side with the bushes) and started saying "come on babe, this is cool" But OFCOURSE i wasnt gonna fall for it, open the door and let the evil bushes in?? Hell no. i wouldnt let him in and he was trippen to hard to understand my point. So being the only person left in a car I requested my sober friend to come because i felt he was the only one that was still linked to reality to help me get thru this issue!

So he comes and i sit there looking at myself in the car mirror like I was looking at a completely different person. I started poking the mirror like i was poking my self. i start poking my face and not seeing the reflection in the mirror.

And then NIGHTMARE #2... My contact lense fell out. but not both of them, only my right one!!!If anyone wears contacts you know how big of a bitch it could be if one falls out. So half of the world now is completely foggy and blurred and the other half is the scary bushes that are trying to get in on the right of me. I tried putting it on but instaed of going toward my face I would point it at the mirror. I tell my friend to try to put it into my eye, but every time his hand came close it looked like the nutty professors hand when it was all blown up. He scared the shit out of me evertime he came at me with that contact lense. So it was pointless I was going to have to deal with the rest of the trip thru one eye! (keep in my mind that I have horrible vision and it is near impossible to see anything when im sober!) So we leave this park and to me it seemed like hours but i guess it was like 30 min or something.

So we travel to this local beach, and park and at this point I made the sober friend promise not to leave me because he was my only link back to sanity. I knew I was tripping but i felt as if mine was nothing like everyone elses. Frankly I dont even care because I havent seen everyone for what seems like hours!

So then I have to take a bathroom trip which was scary but managable. I had friends stand by the door because of safety precautions I was paranoid about. So I sat and went pee and had a bonding moment with the eels that were swimming in the ponds below my feet (toilet paper on the wet ground) I made a deal with them, " dont bother me please and I wont step on you, i just have to go pee and i will get out of here asap" they understood because I went pee and came out into a bathroom that was breathing in and out.

So as i meet up with a few friends which turned into a hour of chaos. We finally all met up and sat shoulder to shoulder on this short brick wall while my boyfriend and 2 other people were sprawled out on the sand. So this is how we were conversing... what, yea, wait, what, huh, yea, this?... everyone was in total confusion and we were not capable of communicating. we were all puzzeled and had stories to tell to one another but we couldnt put the stories into words.

So I realize that its not only me, this was it, this was shrooming, enjoy it or shut the fuck up so you dont kill it for everyone else. I went by my boyfriend who was 1 of the only 2 who had a great time. He held me and we started "melding"(a word which ive heard b4 to explain shrooming which is amazingly accurate) we sat there and watched the millions of shooting stars that were far away from stopping any time soon. I tried not to look down much because the sand looked like a million people laying on their back flat.

As we fazed into our lower levels of tripping, we started communicating in more than one word senetces. Sanity felt so magnificant.

Now one part of this story that i have failed to mention is a minor detail that made the world of difference. We got to the beach probably around 8 or sumptin and there were packs of people there (this is no trip) there really were hundreds of poeple there. On the way to the bathroom I managed to ask some people why there was so much going on and they said, its a cristian church thats having their like fundraiser or something there.

There were crosses and signs, and families with kids around bonfires, it was insane!!! I was uncontrollable and Im sure the people in my surroundings were not happy about that!

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