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first time lvl 5

This was my first time experience with the shrooms.

This was my first time experience with the shrooms. Me, B, D, M, and J all got together and ate them around 2:30. We sat around talking and doing nothing much for a while, no one was really feeling anything. I consumed 1/2 of an eigth, but i have a very sensitive body, and i knew my trip was going to be strong. I started to feel isolated from my friends, and my thoughts started to race all over the place...then things started breathing and moving. I could not relax or sit back and "trip", because my mind was moving way too fast, exploring things ive never thought of, etc etc. I started to bad trip quite a few times, but my friends D and M kept me in check by talking to me. I found myself very confused, i wanted to talk to my friends, but at the same time, i couldnt, i felt almost physical pain in trying to explain what i was trying to talk about...it was uncomfortable to say the least. This is how my trip went for a while...i actually found myself looking at the clock watching the time waiting for it to end. At one point or another, my trip raised to the top, the confusion subsided, and i felt a great wisdom come over my whole body and self, and i felt connected to everyone around me in a spiritual way. I had separated from my body and from my personality, and i was my spiritual self. The trip was alive, it was something that has lived for all eternity, and because of this has infinite wisdom. I understood everything, why i existed, why everything was the way it was. I was having intense spiritual enlightenment. D and I talked for what must have been 3 + hours about the world, society, and "the substances" that allowed our spiritual selves to come out. A great respect for shrooms was growing inside of me, this drug to me was not a trip drug, but a fully 100% spiritual enlightening experience drug. We talked about how society has corrupted us all and makes us judge eachother in such unkind ways, and how our bodies are shackles that prevent us from feeling this spiritual enlightenment, they hold us back from joining the collective river of life. We had it all figured out. When you are a teenager, substances let you see the spiritual life..then you live the rest of your life, experiencing what it is to be human, but when you die, you return to the euphoria and peacefulness of the spiritual world, where wisdom reigns supreme. I have to say that i have walked away from this day a changed man, my life will definately never be the same. I dont view shrooms as a drug to take for tripping, a recreational drug, instead i see it as a council for the everday life, like what confession is to christians...it helps you to understand and cleanse your mind so that you may live your life to its fullest. I will never forget what happened, and my friendships with D, M, J and B will NEVER be the same. Definately i will always be closer to D than before, since we had a very strong connection the entire time.
Before i shroomed, i was so afraid about bad tripping, or going crazy because of the complete loss of reality, but now i have a different understanding of shrooms. Bad tripping or freaking out is your body not wanting to release you into the spiritual world, it fights what you are trying to do, but you have to look past that. I was not scared at all when the entire room was moving and everything was glowing and pulsating...in fact i barely payed any attention to it since i was so busy talking to my friends.
I dont regret taking the shrooms, and i look forward to the next time i can rejoin the spiritual river of life with my friends.

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