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DUDE! PLUR! i first ate these mushrooms and it was like so cool . I got them at this really phat rave. Cuz well i started goin to raves and dropping ecstasy and then moved on to mushrooms which are like my fav drug now. And it just feels like i'm one with the universe. And when i start doin my kandy kid dancin, things just are so much betta. I love rubbing vicks and playing with my toys and telletubies when im tripping on shrooms. oh and lets not forget the glowsticks.=) You guys should all try it cuz it really enhances the trip and roll. I see stuff like these weird patterns on the wall when i trip but it doesn't scare me cuz they look kinda cool and they turn all these rainbow colors and i trip on those. WEll I'm goin to a rave now . bye. PLUR!!!

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