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Sex with Universe

I had dreamed of Shrooming after being just a reefer for so long.

I had dreamed of Shrooming after being just a reefer for so long. That dream finaly came true on a clear, sunny saturday afternoon. Four friends(Mike, Dorheen, Peter, and Jay) and I sat down on the lawn at Mike's house. Now, the cool thing about this house is that Mike's parents are architectual designers, so the house was built exotically in every way. Even the yard was filled with marvelous vegetation, foreign trees, and waives of colorfull flowers.
This was my first time shrooming, and no matter how many reports i read, i still had no idea what to expect. I was only anticipating a good body high off the shrooms, boy was i wrong. I split an eigth of some funky blue, dried up shrooms. They didn't taste that bad, being that i starved myself the day before in preparation. We chased it down with water, and just sat around, waiting for it to take effect. Mike set his timer for 30 minutes, which is when we should start feeling the shrooms hit.
After 15 minutes, peter was walking around the house, talking about how sick he felt. And that got me ill for the first 10 minutes. But as the feeling faided, the trip began taking hold.
I starred at a tree with intruigiing bark patterns. Those patterns slowly began seaping down the trunk, in a rotating motion. Mike was genius enough to set up three areas where different music would be playing inside the house. SO i went in. First thing to notice was in the bedrooms, the ceiling is plastered with a crackling design, peculiar to the eye. In this room, classical music was being played from Jurrassic park. Suddenly, the cieling began flowing into liquid, and the paint was dripping into itself. The music made me feel like i was flying out of my spirit. But this is was only the beginning of a very long day and night.
Somehow, i managed to get back on my feet, and walk into the TV room, which had an enormous sound system playing rev-based techno music. I sank into the sofa, and the music took control of my body. I died in the state of being where everything i knew about life was shoot into oblivion. You KNOW when you hit a level five. I'm going to try to describe the emotions one feels in this state of the trip.
-GREATER UNDERSTAND. There is so much more to life you begin to become aware of. You know why things are the way they are, and you feel within yourself that you can distinctify the difference between that which is insignificant, and that which isn't. This is the scene in "The Matrix" when Neo has taken the red pill, and has woken up in the human electricity-harnessing chamber.
-OVERJOYED by EXSISTENCE. I began wondering WHY we lived the way we did. Humans among the Earth live and die just trying to overachieve and be SUCCESSFUL. Blinded from actualy truth. For once, you feel like everything can be dropped, and peopple should just sit and appreciate the fact that they DO EXSIST.
-BEAUTY ALIVE. Remember that Trix commerical when the kids eat the cereal, and everything turns into color? Well those kids were actually eating SHROOMS. Everything is beautiful in the world. I began enjoying everything the way it is. And everything seemed to be designed, created, and meant for YOU. It's like when you're a little kid, and you're riding Disney Land's "It's a Small World".
-CONNECTION WITH ALL. You feel like you can bond and communicate with everything in your surroundings. THis is that "one with the universe" feeling people are always raving about. You can understand everything and see why it is the way it is. I was being lectured by the spirit of the sky when i felt this.
-TEARING BETWEEN TWO REALMS. I was in constant debate with the World of the tangible and understood, against the world of everything unknown. And sometimes, this boundary between both realms can fuse together into a soul of being, where eutopia is generated.

I believe that the better imagination you have, the further you can push the capabilities of your trip. At one point, the "ribbon of smoke" effect was taking hold. I was being contantly torched by an invissable flame. My body was emitting ripples of ribbon-like smoke into the air. I felt so happy with everything about life. Music was entertaining me by guiding my emotions and breathing life to everything around me.
Time was liquid. I could control the rate of time. Minutes could last eons, and seconds could be missing. The next time i managed to look into the sky, it was night time, and the stars were standing there, as if they had just finished the greatest performance of all time. Proud and bold.
After a good 7 hours, the trip was settling. I could feel myself returning to the shell of my human self. I would return to feeling limited emotions, thinking limited thoughts. My perspective on life reduced from a geiser, to a squirt gun. The rollercoaster ride through infinite dimentions and thoughts had come to an end.

What about weed? Psshh... It's nothing now. Why return to it? I had felt things never felt before. I had explored zones never uncovered. I had taken control of all things which controlled me. I had shot into oblivion with light speed.

I had lost my virginity to the universe.

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