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Downward Spiral

Well I was bored one night and heard about a party down the road so I decided to go.

Well I was bored one night and heard about a party down the road so I decided to go. When I got there I was expecting people to be probally dancing, drinking beer, maybe having some of the usual pot smokers in the back somewhere just chilling. I was right in one aspect of people drinking but what they were drinking was not alcohol it was shroom juice. Someone had filled about 20 pitchers with shroom juice. I'm what would be classified as a pothead, I usually smoked a QP a week of only the finest BC bud that my state got. Well it just so happened that no one at this party wanted to smoke they were intent on their shrooms, I had to try this! I drank a cup after a while I felt a little stoned almost and had a tracer or two I wasn't satisfied so I drank another cup. Basically I've done yust about every other drug I ever came across so I know what it feels like to get visuals and memory thoughts come up and about. After my second cup I thought the whole closed eye trip was a blast I felt like I was aboard a space craft flying through stars and every once in a while I would see something floating around in space that happened or impacted me in some way or another that day. Like I said earlier I was looking for something different something that would make this memorable. So what I did was I took an entire pitcher and downed it as fast as I could. After that I was no longer in the realm of a normal human being. I wasn't having any little high of a drug experience, I layed back and when I did my pulse became so loud that it felt like my brain was collapsing in on itself. The only colors I saw were black and white, I heard chimes in my head and a voice telling me that my end was near. I tried to sit up and it was one of the hardest things I've done. Everytime I tried to sit up I would just fall back into this downward spiral. I eventually got the energy to sit up. When I did I felt like I was lifted up above my body sitting up near the ceiling looking down at myself I had a shadow on my body down there. My body looked up at me with red eyes and what looked to be a yellow light shining from my bodys forehead, my body told me in a deep voice which spoke with tremendous power that he liked my body and wanted it with me out side of the shadow. I then felt what I can now call a cosmic message come to me of which was long and in a language which I'm not sure of but I felt as though I was suppose to say it so I did. As soon as the last word was spilled from my lips I was back in my body. Looking onto the whole party scene from a different angle under a different light. I saw shadows flying all around the room and I saw people for who they truly were. I was in this whole different outlook on the world for almost an entire month, what I now call the spiritual side of life that most people don't see and probally what doctors would call a drug enduced psychosis. I'm still waking up ocasionally to the chimes and voices but I have more strength now to get away from the downward spirals. Basically my point being that if your going to go to the extreme of anything don't yust think your prepared to handle it know your prepared to handle it. My helpful hint is that you should get in touch with your cosmic eye or what some people like call your cosmic robot and let it grow and not shrink.

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