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my best trip

First of let me say shroomz are the greatest drug ever!

First of let me say shroomz are the greatest drug ever!

some of the stuff that happened is hard to explain ill do my best
ive been triping for a year know but my last trip was probably the best. My buddy got me an ounce from london that day my other buddies parents where away so about six of us went over there and all shroomed. I ate a 1/4 of an o.
It started off with a huge anxiety i was wishing i didnt eat that much. but that quickly passed. they came on really slow just some light visuals like the wall paper was flowing some stuff was bending. then they really started to hit me i went to the bathroom the wall in there had all kind of designs on it but it looked like liquid i put my fingers into it. THEY WENT RIGHT INTO THE WALL! and i would run my fingers through the liquid wall and they would make ripples in the wall. i dont remember anything for a bit after that. Then we all went outside i got some more good visuals the sky was all layard colours and every thing looked different it would take a novel to describe the outside. one of my friends had little horns in his forehead. then we all just sat there and laughed non stop forever. when we went inside there was some stupid racing show on that we also laughed at for a long time. there wasnt very much light in the room so i just sat back and looked at the roof what i saw was one of the coolest things ive ever seen
the roof started swirling It then turned into a vortex type thing. Then this purple fish appeared in the centre it looked like one of those fighting fish it was spining and jumping out. It kind of led me into the other side because after this i peeked i was so fucked i didnt know where i was or that i had even done shrooms i thought it was normal my visuals continued and i thought things where normal when i started coming down i thought i was starting to trip.
i eventually got my mind back but i was still triping pritty hard we walked to the store and stuff just looked different. the street lights hung really low, cars moved in slow motion the road was all bent. i dont remember how i got home but when i did i didnt sleep at all. the next day i still felt like i was shroomin.

!trip hard but dont fall!


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