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first trip-damn fun!

it was my first time shrooming, after a lot of research on them on this fantastic website.

it was my first time shrooming, after a lot of research on them on this fantastic website. i attained about 2 grams of liberty caps(psilocybe semilanceata) from a friend. i went to my other friend's party (steve) where i got into a huge smoking session and got really fucked up. i had purchased a bag of chips and a coke to dose with, but the chips were discovered and eaten, so all i had was the coke. then we played video games, which is when i ate the shrooms with the pop. they tasted alot like the shit they were grown in. after everyone had left the party and it was just me and steve, i was still pretty stoned from the weed, and the shrooms hadn't kicked in yet(this was about an hour or so later). i figured i had been ripped off. so, i went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror to see if my eyes were really red. they weren't (which they usually are), but my pupils were hella dilated. i looked over at the tiles on the wall, and noticed that they were starting to swirl around and i saw cactuses and other unidentifiable objects in them. at this point, all of my doubt in the dose had vanished...this was pretty cool! so, i looked over at the mirror again, when my face started to warp. after a while of this, my face began to look like a really badly put together paper mache mask, with blue, green, brown and black paint. pretty ugly. i managed to pull myself away from the mirror and look down at the sink, which also started to morph and twist, as the drain got really big, and then i decided it was time to go back into the tv room. i walked in, and steve looked at me and said, "let's smoke a bowl." we did so, which only made the trip stronger. i glanced over at the wall, in which many designs began to form. steve's face became extremely warped whenever i looked at it, which weirded him out because he didn't like me staring at him for so long, and ended up sitting down on the floor in front of me so that his back was to me. he came up with the awesome idea of popping fantasia into the vcr. the movie started, and about half an hour through, steve fell asleep. damn him. the trip was starting to wear off, so i decided i would go to sleep too, being it 3 am. so, i turned off the movie and closed my eyes, but couldn't fall asleep becuase images of the movie kept popping up in front of me whenever i closed my eyes. i got really pissed and decided to try and ignore it, which worked for some really weird reason, and i fell asleep. i'm sorry if i rambled during this report, i had alot to say about my first trip. next weekend, i plan to eat an eighth.
--Trippy B. Kewl

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