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Some years ago me and my mate took about a thousand british liberty caps.

Some years ago me and my mate took about a thousand british liberty caps.we brewed them with tea and strained them though a net curtain after about 5 or 10 minutes we where tripping and we had not even finished our brews yet.He ran into my yard and puked after about half an hour then said he was going the toilet and crept out of my house and left without telling me.So i called at his house and his mum said he was not home but it turned out the next day when i saw him he was hiding under his bed crying totally freaked.
I by then was wasted and could not go home as my parents would have seen i was not all there so i went to my brothers flat and passed out on his couch and as best as i can decribe it went to hell everything was black except for red like laser flashs and a constant droning noise then extreme vivid hallucinations and family members calling my name i was running around in darkness trying to get to the voices but could not see no one.After about 7 hours i came round and found i had pissed my self.My brother said that when he checked on me i was frothing silver fluid from my mouth and babbling nonsense.I thought aferwards that i had died and had a near death experience but now i think i just took more than i could handle.Now days i keep it down too about 150 shrooms.

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