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Well..i really dont know how to explain this trip...all i can say is that it was crazy...me and three of my friends decided to try shrooms for the first time..we each ate an eight each....we waited for it to just kick in...we started to feel it quickly...within 30 minutes...at first everything started to move...the ceilings and i mean everything...it started to swirl around...i could tell that everyone was havin a good time..then and hour and half went by...thats when things got pretty weird and scary i guess...for some reason we all just started to freak out..i guess we were kinda bad trippin...i have to say it was the worst experience of my life...but i would reccommend doing it...cause its still fun...anywayz...i ended up goin to the hospital cause i for some crazy reason just ran out into tha street and got hit by a car...damn...i got a broken arm and fractured skull...one of my other friend cut himslef with a knife cause he was playin around with it..the other two of my friends...damn i dont even wanna say what happened to them...im sorry but i cant tell u guys...u just wouldnt belive it...but ill give in...if u peeps ask for it enouugh....

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