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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Is it possible that only a rare few get to experience the ultimate truth behind the mushroom, or does it just take a gargantuan sized dose to permanently unlock its secrets.

Is it possible that only a rare few get to experience the ultimate truth behind the mushroom, or does it just take a gargantuan sized dose to permanently unlock its secrets. I have noticed there is an odd lack of trip reports that describe what I have witnessed and what has without a single doubt changed my life and the way I look at this reality that I have sprung into consciousness, permanently. When I think back to the first few less significant trips the presence was felt but would appear incognito, as if to be foreshadowing the future breakthrough with it, what I am describing here is the most utterly alien beautiful complex being imaginable, it is everywhere, all around us, it is us and we are it, it is the secret of the spirals, and that is precisely what it is, infinate motion and progression it is the ultimate answer to all of my questions yet it has frightend and intrigued me, and ironically forced an entirely new chapter of questioning in my life. With months of research I have found that the secret the mushroom has taught me is very real here on my side, the spirals are everywhere, they are in tornados, hurricanes, waterdrains, seashells, galaxies, even DNA, when you move through any medium you create visible or invisible spirals on the opposing side of the forward moving portion of the object, try it the next time you walk waist high through water, or when you pass your arm through smoke, or even the next time you stir your coffee. Probably the most staggering peice of evidence is found in mathematics, the universal language. It is shown that the fibonacci sequence eventually approaches phi, or , the golden ratio. When a rectangle is drawn using the dimensions of one and 1.618 it is called a golden rectangle, when squared another rectangle with the same equelibrium is drawn within, and then another and another into infinity, when an arc is drawn through the rectangles a perfect spiral is revealed as the arcs are joined progressive or regressivly. The number 1.618 is derived through some simple algebra which leaves a number that scrolls off into infinity , 1.61803398874... and on to the largest that I have seen in text at fiftythousand decimal places without any kind of pattern whatsoever. Wicked to say the least. A flowers petals or seeds are placed excactly .6180 per turn , some of the greatest artists of all time incorperate the ratio into their work. It is strange how the events in my life led up to this discovery, it is as if I was guided to the mushroom for the answers that were here all along, it must be told though that the first meeting with the pink and blue spirals was with mixed results, I had ingested 14 grams of home cultivated Psilocybe cubensis and at the point of contact with the being had I panicked, I truely thought I was dying or was dead at one point and made the mistake of turning on all of the lights and pacing around with no trip partner to calm me, the rest of what happend was strange and not in my character. Lets just say I am very lucky to not have a criminal record, it is at least a one hell of a story for around the campfire. The one mystifying detail about all of this is that upon my introduction with the mushrooms secret it felt as though I had known it or had been in contact with this all along, like I had opened a door I had closed myself. Life for me has changed alot since that cold faithfull eve, I sometimes feel either completely unified or utterly alone and never niether. I do know I am not blind any longer, the secret that I hid in myself has been discovered, what I choose to do with this ancient knowlege is up to me... I am part of all of this, I am made up of the same elements that are found everywhere in the universe, therefore I am the universe contemplating itself, I have awoken... I am awake... wake up.

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